Happy Memorial Day Weekend Orlando, Florida!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Orlando, Florida!

Memorial Day means different things to different people: it marks the beginning of summer, it is a day to honor those who have served in our country’s armed forces, it is a day off school or work or it is an excuse to get out the grill and spend time with family and friends. Whether you’re headed to the beach, to a theme park, relaxing with family or working this Memorial Day weekend, please remember that drinking and driving do not mix.

If you plan to drink, don’t drive. Keeping yourself safe and keeping those around you safe starts with that simple piece of advice.

DUI Checkpoints

Law enforcement across the country, including here in Central Florida, is stepping up drunk-driving enforcement over the holiday weekend. Safety and DUI checkpoints have been announced by many police agencies. Officers will be looking for signs of impaired driving as well as other safety issues like seatbelt, license and tag violations.

The goal of a DUI checkpoint is to make the roads safer for all who travel by taking impaired or drunk drivers off the road, encouraging drivers not to get behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking and raising awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

If you plan to drink, plan not to drive. Designate a driver. Call a cab. Just don’t get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking. Dealing with a DUI is not a good way to start your Florida summer.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Orlando, Florida!