Florida guidance counselor pulled over for drunk driving

Florida guidance counselor pulled over for drunk driving

Florida residents often measure the seriousness of DUI charges based on their consequences, such as fines, license suspension and even jail time. Those repercussions are indeed worrisome but they should be more concerned about the immeasurable damage a drunk driving conviction can bring to their personal reputation.

A Florida school counselor may be facing this situation as the 46-year-old Jupiter resident was stopped police after her vehicle was allegedly swerving in and out of lane on a local highway. The secondary school guidance counselor’s car was followed by police officer for a prolonged distance while he observed the driving behavior.

The woman told the officer that she was on her way to work and she had taken some prescription drugs earlier that morning. However, the officer said that he allegedly smelled alcohol but the guidance counselor denied consuming alcohol. She was charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A DUI charge can significantly change the life of a suspect by causing loss of employment and other employment opportunities, leading to financial problems. The situation could also cause emotional friction between the suspect and family and close friends. These long-term consequences can be avoided if a suspect applies the necessary legal remedies to the situation.

In a criminal case, a Florida suspect has the right to dispute the charges by challenging the authenticity of a breath, field sobriety or blood test, the authenticity of an officer’s opinion and checking if any errors were committed during the investigation or arrest procedures. An Orlando DUI lawyer can present such pertinent facts during a trial to the benefit of a suspect’s pursuit to dismiss the charges and finally clear his or her name.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Palm Beach County school counselor faces DUI charges when stopped on way to work,” Sonja Isger, May 14, 2014

Florida guidance counselor pulled over for drunk driving