Five Ways to Avoid an Arrest on Labor Day

Five Ways to Avoid an Arrest on Labor Day

Five Ways to Avoid an Arrest on Labor Day

Don’t get arrested for DUI this Labor Day. Follow these five sure fire tips to avoid a Driving Under the Influence charge.

1. Get a designated driver plan before you leave the house

Don’t be foolish. You know you may drink too much this weekend. Don’t leave your house before picking someone who will be the driver. Don’t think you can choose someone while you are at the party knocking some beers back. Before you know it, none of your friends will drive and you will be stuck behind the wheel of a car. Don’t be a ripe target for the cops this weekend. Be smart and commit someone in advance!

2. Know what the bartender is making you

Order a beer or wine so you can easily keep track of the pour. Stay away from multi shot drink like a Long Island Ice Tea or a Planters Punch. Mixed drinks are dangerous because it is hard to see what your favorite bartender is pouring you and you may pay the price later.

3. Stick to your limit

If you know you can’t drink than more drinks without feeling tipsy then DON’T drink more than two drinks. Stick to your limit, know what you can drink and do not deviate at all. If you’re tempted to drink another, you’ve had enough and you should leave the party.

4. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Water! It’s cheap and better yet healthy for you. Try to at least match what you imbibe with the corresponding amount of water. Believe me, better to use the bathroom several times than use the jail toilet.

5. Taxi anyone?

Before you leave for your weekend fun, download a taxi application on your smart phone. Are you one of the few people left in the USA that does not have a smart phone? Grab a pen and write down the name of a cab company and stick in your wallet or purse. Believe me a 50 dollar car ride is less expensive than what the ride to the big house will cost you. In fact if you can’t afford a taxi, you can’t afford to even have a drink and drive. Just get a ride!

Follow these tips and be safe this holiday weekend. No reason to end a fabulous summer and have to hire a DUI attorney for a case that should never have happened!

Five Ways to Avoid an Arrest on Labor Day