First Orlando Homicide of 2019

First Orlando Homicide of 2019

First Orlando Homicide of 2019

The city of Orlando experienced its first homicide of 2019 on January 2nd in one of its neighborhoods, marking the beginning of what many law enforcement officials had hoped would be a less violent year. In 2018, Orlando had a 30% jump in homicides, according to the city’s crime statistics. The year’s first homicide involved the shooting of a 16-year-old male sophomore student during an alleged iPhone X deal gone wrong.

Homicide in an Orlando Neighborhood

The first killing of 2019 occurred in a Parramore, known for being one of the more dangerous communities in the greater Orlando area. This community struggles with poverty, tanking property values, and high crime rates.

According to news reports, a couple shot and killed a 16-year-old after agreeing to meet up and sell him an iPhone X they had for sale on Offer Up. The wife, who is pregnant, pulled out her gun and shot him when she felt that he was reaching under his shirt to retrieve a gun to rob her and her husband of the expensive smartphone.  

Additional circumstances shared with a 911 operator immediately following the fatal encounter included the approach of another male individual towards their car. During this time, the teenage buyer was examining the phone but began to reach under his shirt suddenly. Then the wife became nervous thinking he might have a gun and intended to steal the device and quickly fired her gun at him. At this point, witnesses claimed she then chased the young men as they ran towards a red vehicle that they subsequently used to flee the scene. The victim was later discovered in the described red car with a gunshot wound that later claimed his life at the hospital.

The Orlando Police Department has not determined if anyone will face charges in connection with the death. It is still not known if the teen had a gun or had brought someone else with him to the location of the sale. Another witness told local news that the victim was shot while inside a  vehicle, but police have not confirmed this report either.

Orlando Manslaughter Defense Lawyers

In the state of Florida, the Stand Your Ground statute protects individuals from prosecution if they use deadly force to defend themselves against a threat of deadly force or great bodily harm. You have the right to use lethal force when you have a reasonable fear of an imminent threat that may result in your own death.

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First Orlando Homicide of 2019