Domestic Violence Statutes Scream for Reforms

Domestic Violence Statutes Scream for Reforms

Orange County, Orlando is known as one of the most dangerous counties in the U.S. for Domestic Violence victims. After years of this reputation, high-level officials in the judicial system and the community met together to improve the situation. The Domestic Violence Commission announced that after four months of research, there are some amendments that can be made to the present protocol that will improve the city. Additional money in areas of law enforcement and other measures in protecting the victim were major concepts that emerged.

New York Has Similar Program, which has Tremendous Results

Last year in 2012, Orange County reported 4,414 domestic violence arrests, which was second only to the 4,772 in Miami-Dade, with twice as many residents. Orange County has spent over $24 million on 911 operators, police officers, jail expenses and sheriffs that take the distress call, and when law enforcement responds to the call, they could only release the batterer because laws and administration were not properly executed.

New Improvements in Domestic Violence Cases

The research that was released June 7th from the Domestic Violence Commission calls for several improvements to implement better action for this critical issue. They include education at all levels of the community including law enforcement, increased training and cooperation between those who are involved in the domestic violence call and ensuring that the victim is immediately taken to the safe shelter, so the abuse will stop.

Both law enforcement and victims need more effective “no contact” orders, and a central clearing house of all offenses has been suggested. Officers have attempted to serve documents with no name, but it is impossible to enforce, and this was also addressed with the committee. The Domestic Violence Commission suggests that with additional training and $170,000 a year in salaries, Orange County and Orlando would be much safer and more efficient in preventing injuries and deaths that occur every year because of Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence Statutes Scream for Reforms