Does Racial Confrontation Exist in Zimmerman Case

Does Racial Confrontation Exist in Zimmerman Case

Does Racial Confrontation Exist in Zimmerman Case

In 2005, Florida originated the Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, which outlines that anyone who is in fear for their life to use deadly force and is not required to retreat from the confrontation. This law has been established in 30 other states since it became a law in Florida.

The attorneys representing George Zimmerman have nationwide attention, and are using the Stand Your Ground defense. On February 26, 2012, the shooting that resulted from the confrontation between a black teenager and a part-Hispanic 29 year old male on neighborhood watch has stirred controversy from the start The racially explosive pre-trial involved the entire nation because Zimmerman was not arrested for 44 days, and now it has become an extremely controversial trial.

After nine days of jury selection, the prosecution began with residents from the subdivision of Twin Lakes who supposedly saw the two fighting, but the witness’s stories were sketchy because it was dark and raining when Martin and Zimmerman collided.

  • Selene Bahadoor, a hospital information analyst, stated she saw both males with their arms flailing, and within 15 seconds she heard the gun shot. The defense then pointed out that she had “liked” a ‘Justice for Trayvon’ FB page.
  • One of Martin’s teenage girlfriends testified that she was talking to him at the time.

The phone calls from Zimmerman to the police on that night have not been allowed into court. The defense said they are irrelevant, and they show “profiling.” The 911 call that night did make it into the courtroom, and for two days it was played for many people, including Gladys Zimmerman and Sabryna Fulton.

  • Both mothers stated that the screams in the background were from her child.
  • Jahvaris Martin, Trayvon’s brother originally said he wasn’t sure what he heard, but last week he stated that he was sure that it was his brother screaming on the 911 call.

The trial is now into its fourth week. The prosecution has rested; the defense is in full motion and everything surrounding the trial is involved conflict and controversy as it moves to a close.

Does Racial Confrontation Exist in Zimmerman Case