Concluding 2013 on a High Note

Concluding 2013 on a High Note

Concluding 2013 on a High Note

December is the month for parties, and with Christmas over, the biggest party night of the year is right around the corner. Downtown Orlando and the Church Street District are two of the hot spots for ringing in the New Year. For a more sophisticated evening, the Mezz includes jazz, dinner and wine to celebrate.

Wherever your friends meet to ring in 2014, when the party favors are gone and the streamers and glitter have all fallen to the floor, the main goal is to not drive the streets of Central Florida intoxicated. No one wants to be arrested for a DUI!
New Years’ Eve is known by many folks as Amateur Night, so they stay play it safe and stay off the streets. DUI checkpoints do big business. In 2012, there were 588 DUI arrests made in only 11 days in December, So far in 2013, there have been 490 arrests, but one thing is certain, every driver thinks they should never be caught driving under the influence, but the numbers don’t lie. Don’t take the chance.

There are several alternatives to driving when you have been drinking.

  • The best suggestion is to have a designated driver with you, but sometimes those are difficult to find.
  •  Use a Taxi service all night, even if the plan is to have a few stops. Spending $100 on a cab is a definitely a superior choice than spending $5,000-$10,000 on a DUI charge.
  • Use public transportation. This is inexpensive, and can prove be very close to your destination. No one likes this option, but it also beats the price of a DUI. Leaving your vehicle where you have been and pick it up in the morning. Think about it!
  • If you are pulled over by OPD or stopped at a DUI checkpoint, it is best to take the BAC test, and obey law enforcement. A skilled DUI attorney will work on the legal details with you afterwards.

Orange County Sheriffs want to ask all those planning on celebrating and driving this New Years Eve one question, “Are the potential consequences worth one night of partying?”

Have a Happy 2014!

Concluding 2013 on a High Note