Cambodia’s Problem With Sexual Offenders

Cambodia’s Problem With Sexual Offenders

It is forgotten that Cambodia, which runs alongside the west of Vietnam, also suffered a great deal during the Vietnam war. Sadly for Cambodians, their country has not recovered at all. It is still one of the most poverty stricken and corrupt countries in the world.

If that wasn’t enough, Cambodia is also a place where many tourists come in order to commit sex crimes.  Two Canadians, Donald Bakker and Kenneth Klassen, were convicted for committing a sex crime against two young boys. They were on a most wanted list for many agencies, including Interpol.

Sex Crimes In Cambodia Are Becoming A Serious Problem

Cambodian sex crimes are especially despicable because of how young the children abused are. It is said that some children as young as three or four are among those who are rescued by international rescue agencies. It is a horrible thought to imagine children so young being sexually harassed and abused by tourists. The saddest part is that their parents,  who are often times alive, can do nothing about it. If their child is abducted, there is no lawyer, or attorney, to see and resolve such an atrocity. They just have to pray their kid will be found.

The two who were charged were eventually convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms. However, their prison terms are pathetic when compared to the crimes they have committed. Each of these individuals was charged with kidnapping and committing sex crimes against multiple children. In fact, if you look at their sentences in detail, it is almost less than a year in prison for each of the offenses they have committed. Compare that to people who get 100+ year sentences for committing such offenses on a much smaller scale.

Another individual, Mader, who was charged with kidnapping and abusing a seven year old, was eventually set free because evidence did not match “Canadian standards”. No one knows whether or not he got his passport back, but chances are that he did. His defense worked out well for him, and he is now roaming the streets a free man despite the actions he performed in Cambodia, which would have been gravely condemned in the US.  If you find yourself with this type of situation in Florida, the consequences are dire and your defense has to be nearly flawless.  Please contact our lawyers that handle sex crimes at The Umansky Law Firm today.

Cambodia’s Problem With Sexual Offenders