Are Red Light Cameras in Orlando Here to Stay?

Are Red Light Cameras in Orlando Here to Stay?

Do you know where red light cameras are located in Orlando?

Red light cameras have been placed in nearly every major intersection in Orlando. These devices are set to snap a photograph of any car the camera deems has violated a red light law. Once the photo is taken, a ticket is issued to the driver through the mail. Recipients of these tickets are facing a fine of $158 if they do not contest the ticket. Read more to see where the cameras are specifically located and if you have the ability to fight these tickets.  

If a driver contests the ticket before the court they stand a chance of paying double the fine amount and having points issued against their license. These points will in turn cause their insurance rates to increase, further causing financial burden to the driver.

Traffic violations concerning cameras are currently being evaluated for constitutionality. It is the belief of many traffic lawyers that these devices have only been implemented to increase the revenue of struggling local governments and not for safety purposes.

A traffic attorney can aggressively help you contest a traffic ticket that you receive in the mail. They can provide you with the representation you need to have this ticket overturned and the fine waived. It has been proven many times in court that the traffic device was in fact inaccurate when the picture was taken.


One of the most common mistakes that occur in these types of cases is the traffic device snapping a photograph of a car making a right hand turn at a red signal. State law clearly provides the driver with the ability to make a right hand turn at a red signal if it can be done in a safe manner. However, these devices cannot distinguish between a right hand turn and running a red light, so it automatically issues a ticket.

If you have received a ticket from a traffic camera, do not hesitate to seek legal advice from an attorney.

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Are Red Light Cameras in Orlando Here to Stay?