5 Most Outrageous Thanksgiving Day Arrests

5 Most Outrageous Thanksgiving Day Arrests

5 Most Outrageous Thanksgiving Day Arrests

In celebration of this Thanksgiving holiday we provided the most outrageous turkey day crimes that even a pilgrim couldn’t commit.

1) Waddling Away 

In 2011, a teenager from Brooklyn shoved a 12-pound turkey breast into his baggy sweatpants and then attempted to waddle out of the store. Unfortunately for him, the butcher took notice and was hot on the teens trail (no knife wielding was reported). This is not the first time the turkey thief used his baggy pants to steal. Apparently, he was arrested 3 months earlier for trying to sneak off with 7 cans of red bull.

2) Would You Like a Receipt?

The award for most turkeys stolen goes to James Frazier of Memphis, Tennessee who was able to steal hundreds of turkeys from the Kroger plant where he worked. When Security learned he was selling the turkeys, they went undercover as a church group and placed an order. Frazier met them at the plant with over 2,000 pounds of turkey loaded on the forklift. Investigators arrested Frazier and his trial is set for November 26th. (The day before thanksgiving)

3) Turkey With A Side Of Armed Burglary

Two teens from Gulf Breeze, Fl were arrested after shooting and killing their neighbors pet turkey. Joshua Anderson and Jacob Provo were charged with armed burglary, trespassing, theft of livestock and animal cruelty. The pair told sheriff deputies that they planned to eat the 30-pound turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

4) Invitation Only

A New Jersey resident used a machete to threaten his family after never receiving an invite to their Thanksgiving dinner. Joseph Hoo was stopped by police as he left the residence and arrested for unlawful weapon possession and terroristic threats.

5)  Desserted 

No thanksgiving is complete without a desert and that is exactly what Louisiana Councilman John Givens could not be without. Police reports show that Councilman Givens was caught eating the desert and placing the empty wrapper in his front pocket at a local grocery store. The owner witnessed this and asked Givens if he was going to pay, but he pulled the old “don’t you know who I am?” Well, apparently the store owner did not and quickly called the police. The Councilman was charged with stealing a banana cream pie…

5 Most Outrageous Thanksgiving Day Arrests