5 Most Common Auto Accidents in Florida

5 Most Common Auto Accidents in Florida

5 Most Common Auto Accidents in Florida

Whether you are a new driver or have thousands of miles under your belt, driving always carries a great deal of risk. In Florida, hundreds of auto accidents occur every day, and hundreds of thousands occur every year. Unfortunately, these accidents often cause injuries, such as broken bones, black eyes, concussions, paralysis, and even death.

You should talk to an experienced attorney if you have been involved in a car accident, sustained an injury, and believe it may be the fault of another party. An attorney can help you preserve your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Hopefully, you will not be faced with that situation anytime soon. You can practice safe driving and educate yourself now. For example, knowing about the most common types of car accidents can help you feel more prepared on the road.

Common Types of Auto Accidents in Orlando

Certain accidents typically cause specific types of injuries. Notably, some car accidents are more common than others. Here are some of the most common auto accidents in Florida.

Rear-Ended Collisions

You either know someone who has been rear-ended or you have been involved in this type of accident yourself. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of auto accident in Florida. These accidents often result in whiplash, but they can also cause concussions, orthopedic issues, or worse injuries.

Rear-end collisions occur for a number of reasons. In this day and age, you cannot go one day without observing another driver texting or using a smartphone. You come up to a red light, slowing to a stop, only to have the serial texter in the car behind you ram into your car. Distracted driving is a common cause of rear-end collisions and many more types of accidents.

Left-Turn Accidents at Intersections

Although it occurs every day, safely executing a left turn at a busy intersection is one of the more difficult things a driver has to do. You have oncoming cars, cars behind you, and cars passing you on the right. Left-turn collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents in Florida.

In a left-turn collision, you may be taking a left turn when a vehicle on the opposite side of the road collides with your passenger side, t-boning you. You might have thought you could make the turn through a gap in the oncoming traffic, or you could have had the right-of-way. Other times, a multi-vehicle accident may occur at an intersection. The car behind you could ram into you, pushing you into oncoming traffic. This would be a rear-end collision causing a left-turn collision.

Frontal Crashes

One of the scariest accidents occurs when the front of your car crashes head-on with an oncoming vehicle. These head-on collisions can be fatal. Even if your airbag deploys, the force of the crash can cause bruising, a concussion, or traumatic brain injury. These accidents may occur for a variety of reasons, including someone veering off the road and into oncoming traffic.

Merging Accidents

Merging lanes on city streets and on highways can be daunting, particularly for new drivers. Merging requires you to exercise a lot of caution, making sure you do not hit any of the cars in the designated lane. If you are in the designated lane, you need to make sure that you are not in the merger’s blind spots.

Distracted driving often causes accidents during merging, but impaired driving or a lack of experience could cause such accidents. Regardless, the types of injuries sustained during a merging accident can range drastically. You could sustain mild injuries in a fender bender or more severe injuries if you are run off the road. There is also the chance that a larger accident could occur during the merge.

Single-vehicle Accidents

Finally, single-vehicle accidents occur when there are no other cars involved. For example, you could lose control of your vehicle on a slippery road and hit a wall or a tree. Like all accidents, these single-vehicle accidents also range in severity. The severity of the accident will depend on your speed, what object you impact, and how you impact that object.

Contact an Experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of the type of auto accident, if you have sustained an injury due to the conduct of another party, you should talk to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Experienced attorneys, like those at Orlando’s Umansky Law Firm, can assist you. They will help advise you, preserve your rights, and fight for you against insurance companies and other parties. Contact the Umansky Law Firm for a free consultation by calling or filling out the online contact form.

5 Most Common Auto Accidents in Florida