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    In addition to passionately fighting for those who need to file a personal injury lawsuit, we also provide exceptional guidance to individuals as criminal defense lawyers. If you have just been charged with a crime, there may be many thoughts racing through your head. How can I fight it? What if I am convicted? What will happen to my family? We know that you are in a difficult position and our defense attorneys want to do all that we can to make this scary situation just a little bit easier. Whether the criminal charge is a minor misdemeanor or a felony that carries steep penalties, the outcome of a conviction can be felt in various aspects of your life for years to come. With all of that pressure, you are not expected to manage your own defense without qualified legal help.

    At The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Lawyers, our Orlando criminal defense lawyers can be your partner in the fight, and help you maintain your livelihood, education, and family. Our team of defense attorneys has over 100 years of combined legal experience, and consists of former prosecutors on the state and local level. Having previously tried people who were alleged to have violated the law, we know the kinds of tactics used by the state to get a conviction. We regularly implement that knowledge to help our clients in any way possible; whether that means engaging in early negotiation for pre-trial diversion or building a rock-solid defense for trial.

    Everyone deserves to be heard and to have a committed partner by their side as they fight for their rights. Your second chance starts with us.

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    Our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals facing many different charges, including assault, sex crimes, drug offenses, gun violations, theft and shoplifting, domestic violence, and many others. We can even represent international visitors and tourists who are charged with a crime or injured in Florida. Explore our site to see the various cases we take.

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    Possible Penalties for a Criminal Conviction

    There are numerous possible penalties that can follow a criminal conviction. Some of these penalties are written into criminal statute, while others might occur due to the social stigma of the conviction. As a result, the fallout from a conviction can last far beyond a prison sentence. An Orlando criminal defense attorney could provide further insight into what penalties a person dealing with criminal charges could face.

    Statutory Penalties

    The most common consequences of a criminal conviction are included in the statutes. These formal penalties are handed down by the judge but a sentence is still constrained by the law. A statute could provide mandatory minimum sentences as well as maximum sentences, depending on the jurisdiction and the type of crime alleged.

    The primary concern with most people when facing criminal charges is the prospect of incarceration. The length of a sentence could be as short as a few days or as long as the rest of the person’s life.

    Fines are also a common sentence in most criminal cases. Fines are a set dollar amount that must be paid directly to the court following a conviction. For certain major offenses, fines could cost thousands of dollars.

    Collateral Consequences

    In addition to statutory penalties, there are other consequences that are not issued directly by the court. These are known as collateral consequences. Even though they might not be formally issued, the convicted person will usually feel their impact.

    A criminal conviction—particularly for a felony—could mean that the individual loses certain rights. These include the right to vote or to own a firearm – however, Florida law has been changed to include a process for former felons to get their voting rights back. Other collateral consequences could include the revocation of a professional license or difficulty in finding a job due to questions asking about prior criminal history.

    Dedicated Professionals - Each Focused On Specific Practice Areas

    People who are facing criminal charges in Orlando are often extremely worried about their future. It is our top priority to help you understand how the defense strategies we use in your criminal case will protect your life, family, and future. Led by William D. Umansky, our team of attorneys, administrators, and investigators are devoted to helping you achieve the best results possible. Our client-first approach allows for our legal team to help address the specific needs of your case with quick and effective resolutions. This unique approach to each case gives our lawyers the ability to rise to the most difficult challenges of the law.

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    Ryan Cimino
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    Umansky was great at handling my case. Andrea case manager was amazing at coordinating everything. Attorney Ash was attentive on calls and the firm helped me reach a settlement that I wanted.

    Αναστασιος Κωστοπουλος
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    Bill was an incredibly wise and intelligent lawyer. He made me think a lot about legal matters in a way I never thought of them before. He is a great personal injury and criminal lawyer. We will refer any of our friends to him if they need him.

    Billy Meether
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    Rachel was attentive, professional and a total rockstar! Highly recommended

    Manuel Cardoso
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    Well like to tell y’all a little story, I was facing a very serious case in the Polk County area this case was extremely serious the problem started 2 years ago this was so serious that the state was giving me, 5 years plus in prison then I found Umansky Law Firm started to talk with Vanessa Heiser & she got me started with LeRoy Costner. His team worked hard just like they do with other peoples cases. Today was my last court date and I mean what I’m about to say is ( I highly recommend LeRoy Costner ) and his team to anyone that is in some kind of trouble I just like to say thank you to LeRoy Costner & Vanessa Heiser & Emilys Lopez for a excellent job they did well at the end of the day I was given probation lot better than 5years in prison do to the good work of LeRoy Costner & his team like I said I Highly recommend LeRoy Costner & his team if you in trouble call Umansky Law Firm and ask for LeRoy Costner & His team 5 stars for LeRoy Costner and your team thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Is a Defense Attorney Necessary?

    It is not uncommon for Orlando residents facing criminal charges to wonder if an attorney is necessary. After all, there is no requirement that a person charged with a criminal offense hires legal counsel at all. But proceeding without an attorney comes with serious risks and the consequences of a mistake can be life-altering.

    One of the most important ways an Orlando criminal defense attorney could help is by providing a defendant with a frame of reference. They could explain the severity of the charges and the person’s chances of prevailing at trial.

    An attorney could also develop a defense strategy tailored to the facts of the case. This process involves investigating the allegations against the defendant and determining the best way to fight back.

    Going through a trial can be especially risky without legal counsel. The trial process involves archaic rules of evidence and complex procedures regarding everything from jury selection to marking evidence. Given the severity of the potential penalties, it is never a good idea to move forward without a lawyer to manage the case.

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    It may be scary to be charged with a crime but there are numerous ways to defend against such accusations. If you are currently facing criminal charges in Orlando, you are entitled to seek help from a legal professional. Taking on the prosecution alone could put yourself at a serious disadvantage. Give yourself the best chance to prevail in your case: call an Orlando criminal defense lawyer today.

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