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Property owners have many obligations to their visitors. When it comes to business owners, including apartment managers, there is an obligation to protect visitors, guests, and patrons from the risk of violent crime.

Property owners cannot predict the future or guarantee safety at all times, but they are obligated to address the foreseeable risk of criminal activity. When they fail to do so, a resourceful premises liability attorney could make the case that they owe damages to the injured party. If you are the victim of crime and suffered losses from it, now is the right time to speak with a Winter Garden negligent security lawyer.

What is a Negligent Security Claim?

Not all crime victims will have a viable case for compensation against the property owner where the offense occurred. In order to build a viable negligent security claim, a plaintiff and their Winter Garden attorney must prove four important elements.

First, the plaintiff has to show they were lawfully on the premises where the criminal act occurred. Often, these claims involve acts that occur in common areas of businesses, parking lots, or apartment buildings.

Another important element of negligent security claims involves the lack of adequate security measures. In other words, a plaintiff must be able to point to a lacking aspect of the property owner’s security plan. This could involve a lack of security cameras, non-functional locks, or inadequate lighting.

Third, the crime that occurred must be foreseeable. In other words, the property owner should have had reason to believe there is a realistic threat of this type of crime occurring on the premises.

Finally, a plaintiff must have suffered some kind of harm as a result. This harm usually goes beyond the loss of valuable property. Being a victim of a crime can be a traumatic event, and in some cases they might sustain significant injuries. This kind of trauma could result in a case for financial compensation.

Financial Compensation in Negligent Security Cases

When a negligent security claim is successful, the result is a monetary award against the property owner. This monetary award is made up of different types of damages intended to compensate for financial, physical, and emotional losses. With the help of a Winter Garden negligent security attorney, some of the damages that are available in these cases include the following:

Medical Bills

The cost of medical care can be an unexpected expense for crime victims, especially if they suffered traumatic brain damage or some other catastrophic injury. It is possible to recover costs related to this care with a successful negligent security claim.

Emotional Distress

The emotional trauma that comes with being a victim of a crime can be long lasting. When this trauma is tied to physical injuries, it can result in a viable case for compensation. The amount of damages will depend on the extent of the emotional distress, which can last long after any physical injuries have healed.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages could be available in negligent security cases. The extent of a person’s pain might be subjective, but an attorney could show a jury what a pain and suffering claim is worth.

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You have the right to pursue a lawsuit against the property owner when their failure to provide adequate security measures results in you being targeted and assaulted. With the right personal injury attorney on your side, your negligent security case could lead to a financial payout. Contact a Winter Garden negligent security lawyer today to get started.

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