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Buses are an economical and exciting way to travel, whether for your morning commute or a vacation. However, the significant size of these vehicles increases the risk of seriously harming others in an accident. When you are hurt because of a bus driver’s negligence, you deserve restitution. Depending on the circumstances that led to your injuries, there may be a couple of ways for you to recoup your losses, such as by seeking an insurance payout or filing a tort lawsuit.

The state’s personal injury laws can be valuable tools to demand monetary damages that are rightfully yours. However, going through the cumbersome legal process alone can feel daunting, which is where our Tavares bus accident lawyers come in. With their extensive experience and deep understanding of the legal system, they can confidently guide you through this journey. Our skilled personal injury attorneys would be honored to meet you, learn about your story, and craft an effective strategy to help.

Reasons for Bus Collisions

Large commercial or private vehicles, such as public or charter buses, are popular with city residents. However, many driver-related behaviors and weather events may cause injury to those in or around the automobile. For example, a school bus traveling on Old US Highway 441 might get into a head-on crash with a semi-truck whose driver fell asleep behind the wheel and drifted into the oncoming traffic lane.

Likewise, a charter bus operator might forget to check if all passengers are safely in or out of the vehicle before resuming their route. As a result, an unsuspecting person may get flung onto the sidewalk.

In another scenario, an inexperienced pickup driver on Florida State Road 44 may get into a T-Bone collision with a tour bus while traveling at high speeds. The impact of the wreck could crumple the front of the passenger vehicle and potentially cause a flip.

Our team of lawyers in Tavares has helped dozens of injured parties in private and commercial bus accidents claim life-saving funds to cover the incident’s costs. We stay current on the latest legal developments in this nuanced sector to consistently provide potent and agile solutions for our clients.

What Is a Fair Settlement for a Crash Involving a Large Commercial Vehicle?

While there is no set amount that each person may receive after a collision, there are monetary damages you could expect with a successful claim. For example, someone might be eligible for funds to cover urgent healthcare costs—like the copays for seeing an immediate ER doctor right after the wreck—and docked pay for missing work. The exact amount you receive depends on whether you qualify for a settlement from your insurer and, if so, what their policy limits are.

When you are in this situation, how you request reimbursement for medical expenses, missed earnings, and repair costs depends on the factors at play. For instance, if you are an injured passenger of a government-run bus—like the LakeXpress—you may have to file a claim with your insurer or against the county or city to kickstart the compensation process. But, if you were in your vehicle when the incident occurred, you might want to seek reimbursement using your personal injury protection policy under Florida Statutes § 627.736.

It may be beneficial to partner with a trusted Tavares lawyer who can help you sift through the legal requirements after a bus wreck. Our battle-tested team has faced insurance companies, negligent charter businesses, and reckless drivers who play games to avoid paying compensation for the injured. We could leverage our knowledge and resources by helping to steer negotiations and present potent arguments at trial.

Call a Bus Crash Attorney for Help Filing Your Claim

Getting connected with financial support in the aftermath of a collision helps create a solid foundation for your recovery and healing. While you have every right to take this step without a lawyer, consider the relief of knowing a trained professional can handle the legal matters on your behalf.

Our advocates want nothing more than to help you and your family get a comprehensive settlement so you can begin the restorative rebuilding process. Contact a Tavares bus accident lawyer today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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