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As a parent, watching your child be in pain is one of the worst experiences. When their suffering is due to someone else failing their legal duty of care, this can magnify the grief and trauma for your entire family.

A Tavares child injury lawyer can help when a person or company’s negligence harms your child. A compassionate personal injury attorney can provide the professional help you need to hold the at-fault party legally responsible so you can focus on your child’s healing journey.

Determining Legal Fault in Child Injury Cases

Child injury cases can arise from a wide range of negligence-based incidents. Negligence requires you to prove:

  • The existence of a duty of care
  • A breach of that duty
  • A link between that breach and the alleged victim’s injuries
  • The existence of damages

For example, a driver owes a duty of care to others on the roadway to observe traffic laws and operate their vehicle in a reasonable manner to avoid causing an accident. If a driver fails in this duty and causes a car crash that injures a child, they can be held legally liable for the child’s injuries and damages.

Common Causes of Child Injuries

Auto accidents are just one way that serious adolescent injuries can occur. Other leading causes include:

When your kid is hurt in one of these incidents, contact a Tavares lawyer. Our team can work with you on your case to help establish solid liability and claim compensation.

Who is Liable in a Child Injury Case?

Depending on the sequence of events that led to your kid’s injury, a person, entity, or both may be liable. School districts, property owners, equipment manufacturers, pet owners, dangerous drivers, teachers, and coaches are just a handful of examples of potentially responsible parties in an adolescent injury case.

A Tavares child injury attorney could thoroughly investigate how the accident happened to identify whether one or multiple parties may be legally culpable. If more than one party is liable, multiple insurance policies will likely be involved in claiming an award of damages for your child’s injuries.

Dealing with insurance companies and the common roadblocks in these cases can be overwhelming without skilled legal representation. If your child was injured and you believe someone’s negligence caused the accident, it is best to consult with a lawyer immediately to consider your legal options.

Filing a Child Injury Lawsuit

Children are still growing and developing. An accident that could cause an adult little to no injuries may result in catastrophic harm to an adolescent. Child injuries typically include broken bones, head trauma, and internal injuries.

Since a minor cannot take legal action until adulthood, the parent can have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim on their behalf. Recoverable compensation could include a variety of costs associated with the child’s injuries and the long-term ramifications they suffered from the accident.

For example, you could recover the value of your child’s medical bills, such as hospital expenses, physical therapy, and rehabilitation costs, as well as future medical expenses and lost earning capacity.

Your child could also be entitled to compensation for their pain, suffering, and mental trauma from the accident. In some child injury cases, a Tavares attorney can help the family recover punitive damages and other forms of compensation.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are not awarded in all child injury cases. However, if the at-fault party’s actions were grossly negligent, it may be possible to claim these in settlement negotiations or as part of the recovery in a court award of damages. A lawyer could handle all legal actions related to a child injury case, from fighting for the maximum settlement amount to taking the case to trial.

Work with a Tavares Child Injury Attorney

A Tavares child injury lawyer can manage all aspects of the case while serving as a legal buffer between you and the negligent parties involved. We can collect evidence, speak with witnesses, and build a compelling claim that reflects the full value of your child’s losses.

In addition, if the case were to proceed to trial, you need unwavering legal representation from an attorney with experience in the personal injury case process. To speak with us about your child’s accident and find out what legal recourse is possible, contact our office today and receive your confidential case consultation.

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