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Police officers in and around St. Cloud patrol city streets at all hours of the night. An evening of festivities and celebration can abruptly come to an end with one simple mistake. That mistake is drinking and driving. Officers who observe erratic driving patterns are quick to pull motorists to the side of the road and investigate the matter. In a matter of seconds, this scenario can turn into a DUI stop. And it often does for many St. Cloud residents. If you have a DUI charge against you, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced St. Cloud DUI lawyer to preserve your rights.

How do St. Cloud Police Identify Drunk Driving?

Law enforcement officers in St. Cloud are trained to spot specific driving behaviors that may indicate the driver is intoxicated. Although these behaviors can occur while sober, consistent erratic patterns tend to signal that there is a problem. Some signs police may look for when determining whether a driver may be under the influence include:

  • Having trouble staying in the proper lane
  • Abrupt acceleration and deceleration
  • Lack of awareness of driving conditions

Difficulty Staying in the Proper Lane

A top indicator of intoxicated driving is when a driver displays difficulty keeping the car in his own lane. This can happen several ways:

  • Weaving within the lane
  • Crossing lane lines
  • Straddling a lane line
  • Swerving into adjacent lanes
  • Making extra-wide turns
  • Nearly hitting other vehicles or objects

Difficulty Keeping the Proper Speed

Drivers who display issues speeding up and slowing down may be having difficulty judging distance. Signs that a driver is having speeding and braking problems include:

  • Trouble stopping — stopping too soon, waiting too long to press the brake, or making abrupt, jerky stops
  • Issues maintaining a steady speed
  • Driving significantly slower than the posted speed limit
  • Speeding up and slowing down for no apparent reason

Lack of Awareness of Road Conditions

Difficulties remaining vigilant on the road can manifest in several ways:

  • Driving the wrong direction on a one-way street
  • Responding slowly to traffic light changes
  • Responding slowly to an officer’s signals
  • Driving without the headlights on at night
  • Failing to use a turn signal or using the wrong turn signal (indicating a left turn when making a right turn)

Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both is no doubt a risky activity that can lead to severe consequences. Drunk driving accounts for thousands of road deaths each and every year. At the same time, cops make mistakes each and every day from the point of arrest to the point of DUI testing. If you face DUI charges in St. Cloud, you have the right to fight the charges against you.

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