Causing Injury While Fleeing to Elude a Police Officer in Orlando

Every allegation that a person has failed to stop upon a police demand is a serious matter. However, the harshest penalties apply to situations where a person failed to stop for police and caused serious injury or death to another person. These cases are felonies of the first degree under Florida law, and convictions will affect every portion of your life.

A lawyer might be able to help you fight back against allegations involving causing injury while fleeing to elude a police officer in Orlando. They are prepared to explain how these laws function, explore the evidence that led to an arrest, and defeat the prosecutor’s allegations every step of the way.

Police Officers Have the Right to Demand a Stop on Public Roads

Driving on any public road or street in the Orlando area comes with responsibilities. Among these is the understanding that police officers have the right to demand that a driver stop their vehicles upon reasonable suspicion that a crime or violation has occurred. This may include their supposed observation of a traffic violation, or information about the vehicle itself and its likely occupants.

Failing to stop in these situations is a crime in and of itself. These are felony-level accusations where a conviction can bring a lengthy prison sentence and requires a minimum one-year loss of license. Convictions for people without a prior criminal record are unlikely to bring such harsh penalties. Still, an attorney could help explain the state’s rules concerning law enforcement’s ability to demand a person stop their vehicle.

When a Failure to Stop Results in an Injury

All accusations that people failed to stop for police are harsh allegations. However, portions of the law allow courts to impose enhanced penalties under specific circumstances. Among these are cases where a failure to stop for police led to another individual’s serious injury or death.

According to Florida Statute § 316.1935, being involved in these situations is a felony of the first degree, and is considered “aggravated,” the most serious allegations under state law. Convictions for this carry a mandatory minimum three-year prison sentence. In addition, judges in these cases may impose sentences involving:

  • Up to 30 years in prison
  • Up to 30 years of probation
  • A fine of up to $10,000
  • A one-to-five-year loss of license

It is critical to present a powerful defense against any allegations of aggravated fleeing to elude a police officer in Orlando. A traffic violation lawyer could evaluate the seriousness of injuries involved to see if they fit within the statute’s definition. They could also dispute whether the event took place at high speed or with a disregard for others’ safety that allows prosecutors to file charges using this statute. These tactics could help lessen the severity of a charge and limit the potential penalties for conviction.

Let an Orlando Attorney Handle Your Case Involving Causing Injury While Fleeing to Elude a Police Officer

Not stopping for a police officer is a serious accusation under even the best of circumstances. However, accusations that your attempt to flee resulted in a serious injury or the death of another person are even more concerning. A conviction requires a court to impose a three-year prison sentence, and some cases may even see a decades-long term.

It is vital that you are ready to fight back against these charges at the earliest opportunity. Talking with a lawyer could help you better understand charges related to causing injury while fleeing to elude a police officer in Orlando. A lawyer could also help develop a defense that contests the prosecution’s case and that protects your rights in court. Speak with a lawyer now to make your appointment.

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    Causing Injury While Fleeing to Elude a Police Officer in Orlando