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For many people, the construction of a new home or an addition to a current residence is cause for celebration. These projects often represent a major lifestyle change most homeowners spend years working towards. Unfortunately, negligence on the part of a contractor or third party involved in the construction could turn this project from a dream to a nightmare.

If you were injured due to a construction error, a seasoned premises liability attorney might be able to help. You could be owed compensation for your injuries and other losses. Contact an Orlando construction negligence lawyer today to find out your possible next steps.

Understanding Construction Negligence

Construction negligence is the name given to careless or reckless errors made during the construction process. This could include a wide range of issues, including structural problems and the display of inaccurate information. When situations like this occur, the contractor or builder responsible for these mistakes could face penalties for the damage they have caused.

There are three main categories of construction defects – design, material, and workmanship. Accidents in these categories could result in different ways. Often, the basis for a construction negligence claim involves the failure of a contractor to comply with building codes. The violation of safety regulations and using damaged or ineffective materials could also apply in these cases.

Who is Responsible?

There could be different parties at fault in a construction negligence case. Some of these could include:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Project managers
  • Developers
  • Surveyors
  • Engineers

For an individual to seek compensation from one of these parties, they must be able to establish liability. This would mean proving that the contractor, builder, or another person in charge of the construction site owed a duty of care and breached that duty of care. The failure would then have to be the direct cause of an incident that resulted in injury or other forms of loss. Having the guidance of an Orlando attorney with experience in construction negligence could make this process smoother and easier to understand.

Compensation in a Construction Negligence Claim

Multiple forms of financial compensation might result from a successful construction negligence claim. Awarded damages could make a significant impact on recovery costs for injuries, as well as any ruined property.

Repairs to Property

A homeowner that suffers a construction negligence accident is typically left with their premises in an unlivable condition. Additional repairs or construction work are usually necessary to make the premises livable and can be quite expensive. An Orlando negligent construction attorney could examine the details of the incident and determine the best way to pursue damages for the cost of these repairs.

Medical Bills

Unfortunately, these types of accidents often occur when people are in the building. When this happens, injuries are likely, and can range from bumps and bruises from a slip and fall accident, to more catastrophic damage such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). An individual who is hurt due to negligent construction could be entitled to compensation for the cost of their medical bills, follow-up care, and even lost wages.

Contact an Orlando Construction Negligence Attorney Today

It is vital to consult with legal counsel in the aftermath of an accident. When negligence is the cause, financial compensation could be available to help you get your future back on the right track.

Having an attorney in your corner and ready to fight for you could make all the difference. Reach out to an Orlando construction negligence lawyer today for more information.

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