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Because of the potential for paralysis, spinal cord damage represents one of the most significant injuries the human body can sustain. These head or neck injuries can lead to long-term or permanent health consequences that could follow you for the rest of your life.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our seasoned catastrophic injury attorneys represent people who have suffered spinal injuries in motor vehicle accidents, construction site accidents, and other situations caused by another person’s negligence. A spine injury can change forever how you live your life. Our Orlando spinal cord injury lawyers will work hard to help you obtain the money you need to pay medical bills, replace lost wages, and compensate you for everything you have lost due to the injury.

How Spinal Cord Injuries Happen

Damage to the spinal cord has the potential to cause additional health consequences throughout the rest of the body. Damage to the cord often interferes with the tracts that send signals to and from the brain. When these injuries are particularly severe, they could prevent any communication at all.

These injuries can happen under different circumstances. The spinal cord reaches from the base of the spine to the lower back, so any injury to the area can lead to spinal damage. Injuries to the back that commonly cause spinal cord damage could result from:

One particularly common cause of spinal damage involves head and neck injuries. When the head and neck absorb significant force, it could compound the neck and damage the cord. Head and neck injuries are the most likely cause of quadriplegia, which is paralysis from the neck down.

Any of these injuries could be life-altering. While there is no dollar amount that can undo a spinal cord injury, an Orlando lawyer might be able to help secure a measure of justice, as well as monetary compensation from the responsible party.

Slipped, Herniated and Desiccated Discs

The discs are the shock-absorbing pads between your vertebrae, which protect the spinal cord. If a disc splits, ruptures, or leaks fluid, it can impinge on the spinal cord, causing severe pain, numbness, and other symptoms.

An injured disc can make it impossible for you to work or do the things you enjoy. You may need surgery (or multiple surgeries) and extensive physical therapy before you attain maximum physical recovery.

Spinal Cord Injuries Leading to Paralysis

An injury to the spinal cord usually results in a degree of paralysis. The extent of the paralysis will depend on the level of the spinal cord where the injury occurred:

  • Damage to the neck area can result in quadriplegia, which is paralysis in all four limbs.
  • Damage in the chest area of the back may result in paralysis of both legs, and loss of control of the rectum and bladder.
  • Damage to a lower area of the spine may result in paralysis of the legs only

Our Orlando spinal cord injury lawyers will work with your medical providers, as well as economists, rehabilitation experts, and certified life care planners, to document the full extent of the damages you have suffered. We will work to achieve the maximum possible recovery for all of your damages, including current and future lost wages, your need for continuing medical care, physical and vocational rehabilitation, and help with the tasks of daily living.

Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

There are different categories of compensation an Orlando attorney could recover in a spinal cord injury case. These injuries can lead to physical, financial, and emotional challenges; and damages could be available for all three.

Medical Expenses

The cost of treating spinal injuries is not only expensive, it can continue to rise for a lifetime. Many people with these injuries require ongoing medical care for as long as they live. The cost of this treatment could be covered by a personal injury lawsuit.

Lost Wages

Spinal cord injuries have the potential to severely limit the type of work a person can perform in the future or even prevent them from working at all. It could be possible to recoup past lost wages while addressing future lost income as well.

Pain and Suffering

Although spinal cord injuries are often associated with paralysis, severe pain also occurs. Chronic nerve pain is common, even for those individuals who lose sensation in parts of their body. Financial compensation could be available based on this suffering.

Learn How an Orlando Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Could Help

Your spinal cord injury does not have to limit your ability to live life to the fullest. Financial compensation from a successful injury lawsuit could provide you with the resources you need to address these new challenges successfully.

Obtaining a fair outcome in your case could start with a discussion with an Orlando spinal cord injury lawyer. Call the Umansky Law Firm as soon as possible to get started.

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