Illegal Creation or Forgery of FWC License in Orlando

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) plays a vital role in safeguarding the various fauna in the Sunshine State, including endangered species. If you want to engage in outdoor activities such as fishing or boating, you need to obtain the proper licensing from the FWC before you can legally proceed.

If you have been accused of reproducing, forging, or otherwise recreating an FWC license, you need to secure qualified legal representation as soon as possible.

Illegal creation or forgery of an FWC license in Orlando is a serious criminal offense that could not only land you in jail, but also subject you to fines, a permanent criminal record, and other severe legal penalties. An experienced fish and wildlife violation lawyer could craft a detailed strategy to fight your charge while managing every step of your case.

Requirements for FWC Licensing

The FWC conserves the state’s natural resources and wildlife, prosecutes FWC violations, and oversees a wide-ranging licensing system. People must go through the FWC to obtain specific recreational, commercial, and specialty licenses.

By securing an FWC license, individuals and businesses can carry out certain fish and wildlife activities. Examples of licenses that the FWC regularly issues include fishing licenses, hunting licenses, and boating licenses. The FWC also requires specific permits for the use of hunting dogs and for hunting deer, birds, or turkey.

Both recreational and commercial operators must secure the proper licensing to carry out these and other regulated activities as outlined by the FWC. Moreover, both Orlando residents and visitors must comply with the FWC’s licensing and permit requirements.

Steps to avoid running into legal issues with the FWC include paying the required application fees, completing the correct paperwork, and ensuring prompt license renewal within the specified time limits. Providing false or incomplete information, or attempting to make a reproduction of a valid FWC license are actions that could lead to criminal charges in Orlando.

Penalties for an Illegal FWC License

If you have been arrested or charged for allegedly forging or creating an FWC license, you need to speak with an Orlando attorney who could help you understand the potential penalties that apply to your case. A lawyer could also identify the proper defense strategies to deploy against your charge.

The FWC categorizes violations into four, separate categories. Illegal creation or forgery of a license is a Level Four violation, which is the most serious type of charge you can face from the FWC.

A conviction for FWC license forgery could require you to spend up to five years in prison, on top of probation and financial penalties. In these cases, fines can be as high as $5,000 per violation.

Sometimes, licensing and FWC compliance issues that lead to criminal charges may be the result of a mistake or misunderstanding of the law involved. These charges may be leveled against someone with no criminal background or someone who is visiting and did not understand the regulations involved.

Lack of intent or illegally obtained evidence are defense elements that could be used for your case or in other fish and wildlife criminal cases. The right defense will depend on the facts and circumstances of your charge, but you can rest assured that a competent environmental crime defense lawyer could explore every legal option to reduce the substantial, long-term impacts of your criminal FWC charge.

Fight Illegal Creation or Forgery Charges with an Orlando FWC License Attorney

If you have been arrested or charged for the illegal creation or forgery of an FWC license in Orlando, there may be multiple plausible defenses that can apply to your case.

If you have received a Notice to Appear, you will also receive a notice about your hearing date where your formal charges will be read to you. It is crucial that you do not attempt to navigate this or other case proceedings without The Umansky Law Firm by your side. Contact our office today to discuss your FWC license case and get more information about building your defense.

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    Illegal Creation or Forgery of FWC License in Orlando