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Facing any type of criminal charge is frightening but charges that involve drugs should be especially concerning. Florida treats drug offenses seriously and even first-time offenders can face harsh consequences. People who face charges involving the distribution or selling of narcotics need to act quickly to preserve their reputation and protect their freedom.

If you are under suspicion or facing drug trafficking charges, it is critical that you reach out for experienced legal assistance as soon as possible. A seasoned Lake Mary drug trafficking lawyer could clearly explain the charges to you and so that you fully understand what you are facing. A tough drug defense attorney could then help you construct a reasonable defense strategy.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking happens when a person transports, carries, or delivers a controlled substance from one place to another location. Depending on where the alleged offense occurs and other circumstances, the crime can be either a state or federal offense. Both state and federal prosecutors are serious about fighting back against trafficking, so the potential consequences of a conviction are severe.

Florida courts generally treat drug trafficking offenses as first-degree felonies, and violators face harsh mandatory minimum sentences with lengthy jail terms and substantial fines. In addition to legal penalties, people convicted of drug trafficking charges must also overcome the social stigma of a serious drug offense.

A Lake Mary attorney has a wide range of experience helping people overcome drug trafficking charges. They understand how to approach each case calmly and rationally, looking at the evidence and coming up with a plan to help.

Potential Challenges to Lake Mary Drug Trafficking Charges

A dedicated attorney could thoroughly review the facts of the case while considering even the tiniest details. By working with the defendant and answering all of their questions, a legal professional could search for holes in the prosecution’s case, and work towards an acquittal or complete dismissal of the charge. Even if extremely difficult to secure an acquittal on all of the charges, it is possible to work towards reducing the trafficking charges down to drug possession or other lesser offenses.

Although a person facing trafficking charges might be tempted to accept a plea deal to make the charges go away and settle the matter quickly, that is not always the best course of action. A knowledgeable defense attorney could help a defendant examine other options and craft innovative defense strategies. For instance, in order to convict a person on drug trafficking charges, Lake Mary or federal prosecutors must prove that the person knowingly transported or intended to transport a controlled substance.

Often, a defendant can prove that they lacked the necessary criminal intent to commit the crime. The Umansky Law Firm could also check to see if the police exceeded their authority and committed any constitutional violations, such as performing an illegal search or seizure, setting up an illegal wiretap, or entrapping the defendant into committing the alleged offense.

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Facing any type of drug charge is stressful. Your future could be in jeopardy and you need to fight back. It is essential to work with a Lake Mary drug trafficking lawyer with the right kind of experience. One of our highly skilled attorneys could guide you through the legal process and work with you to resolve your case in the most advantageous manner. Contact the legal team today to discuss your situation.

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