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If you are found with an illegal drug in your possession, your entire future could change. Jail time is a distinct possibility so you need to fight back with a legal team that knows how to advocate vigorously on your behalf. When you face drug charges, you must work with a Lake Mary drug possession lawyer who understands how the legal system works and can help you navigate your way to a satisfactory resolution.

Working with a legal team that knows what approach to take is critical. An experienced drug crimes attorney could investigate the charges and help you understand your legal rights and options.

Potential Defense Strategies to Lake Mary Drug Possession Charges

A skilled Lake Mary attorney should know how to fight drug possession charges. They could examine the facts of the case and determine the best approach to beat the charges.


Drug possession can sometimes be difficult to define. Unfortunately, some people face drug possession charges simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because Lake Mary police are notoriously tough on drug crimes, some people can find themselves facing life-changing drug charges because they are associated with the wrong crowd of friends. Drugs are small, so it is relatively easy for people to hide them. Consequently, innocent people can unknowingly be standing right next to a stash of hidden drugs.

An attorney could argue that the defendant did not have actual possession of the drugs because the drugs belonged to someone else. They could fight the prosecution’s case by showing that the defendant did not own or control the drugs, and provide evidence demonstrating that the defendant had no knowledge or intent to possess them.

Constitutional Violations

A criminal defense lawyer could also check to see if the police acted appropriately when they searched the defendant and seized the drugs. The police must have a valid search warrant, conduct a proper investigation, and respect the defendant’s rights during the investigation, questioning, and arrest process.

A hardworking attorney can work tirelessly to create the strongest defense strategy that fits the particular facts of the case.

Potential Penalties for Possessing Drugs in Lake Mary

People convicted of drug possession can face steep criminal penalties, including jail time and fines. The legal penalties will vary based on several factors, such as the type of drug and the amount of drugs a defendant had in their possession at the time of the arrest. The penalties could be substantially higher if the defendant has a criminal record with prior drug offenses.

In addition to criminal penalties, defendants facing drug possession charges also could have to endure social and professional repercussions. They might find it hard to overcome the stigma of a drug accusation, or their friends and family might no longer associate with them. If convicted, they might find it difficult to gain employment or obtain a loan.

The Umansky Law Firms believes in second chances. It is critical to work with a Lake Mary drug possession attorney as soon as possible to get started on a strong defense.

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A drug possession conviction can upend your life in many different ways. A Lake Mary drug possession lawyer could help you fight back. We have the resources, legal reputation, and practical skills to make a difference in your legal battle, and get you the best possible legal outcome. Talk to a member of the Umansky Law Firm today to discuss what is possible in your case.

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