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Probation refers to the situation when a person gets accused of a crime and gets put in a given type of special supervision program instead of serving a jail term. When someone violates their probation substantially and willfully, it’s considered a very serious crime in Florida. Basically, under Florida Law, there are only two types of probation violation and they include:

  • Substantive violation – This is where the probationer is found and charged with a new crime while still serving in a given probation term or period. However, there are chances that one might be given a bond out of jail after being charged with a new crime while on probation. In the meantime, you can stay out of jail as you wait to appear before the court to clear your VOP charges.
  • Technical violation – When the probationer fails to comply with one or some of the probation conditions specified in the probation agreement imposed or ordered by the court, then he is said to have technically violated the probation agreement, hence the term technical violation.

However, you should take note that unlike being arrested for a new charge, you’re not entitled to a bond when you get arrested in Kissimmee for violation of probation (VOP) offense. Although judges might be in the position to give you a bond regarding a VOP, it’s upon their decision and once the bond is denied it gets hard to appeal or question the judge’s decision. A Kissimmee probation lawyer could provide more information.

What Happens After Being Charged With a Probation Violation?

probation officer meeting osceola county floridaA probation warrant will be issued to the probationer after being accused of a probation violation or when a probation officer makes a mere allegation that you violated your probation. Alternatively, apart from issuing a probation warrant, the court might decide to issue a notice for the probationer to appear in court. In addition, you’ll be required to continue making meetings and regularly keep in contact with your probation officer, if by any chance you might be allowed to move around freely as you wait to appear in court for your probation violation charges. Even though you might be thinking that your probation officer will still report that you violated your probation, it’s important that you keep on meeting with him or her and adhere to the probation agreement and conditions.

On the other hand, chances are thinner for you to successfully fight your VOP or even get a bond if you don’t comply with the probation conditions or fail to keep in contact with your probation officer. You should also take note that your probation period will not cover the time from the issuance of the notice of appearance or the probation warrant. Therefore, you’re not entitled to a bond when you get charged with a probation violation. However, the good news is that our Kissimmee probation attorneys can help you clear your charges by negotiating with the court. This will mostly depend on the condition or nature of your probation and other relevant factors such as the distance you cover to your probation site and how committed you are to the probation.

Strategies for Defending Your Rights

There are numerous strategies on how you can defend your rights when you’re falsely accused or charged with violation of probation. At The Umansky Law Firm in Kissimmee, we have a team of highly-trained and aggressive lawyers who will guide you on the step-by-step measures you can take in order to defend your rights when it comes to violation of probation charges.

Why You Need To Hire a Kissimmee Probation Attorney

If you or a loved one has violated an ordered probation sentence and are now in jail without bond, it’s important to speak with an experienced defense attorney right away to begin negotiating with the court on your behalf. Don’t put yourself through additional penalties that can cost you more money and freedom. The legal team at The Umansky Law Firm helps those who violate their probation to work with the court to get back on track and mitigate any additional punishments.

Contact our offices today and let us use our more than 100 years of combined experience on your behalf to avoid further consequences for your violation. We believe compassion and having a second chance are an important part of the rehabilitation process. Recognized as one of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite, you can hire us with full confidence that we will keep your best interests at heart in everything we do for your case. If you’ve violated your probation in any way, call us right away for a free case evaluation and next best steps advice from one of our skilled Kissimmee defense attorneys.

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