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Because of its location on the beautiful North Atlantic coastline, Cocoa Beach is an excellent bike-riding destination. However, when a reckless or distracted motorist causes severe or fatal harm, you may be able to demand compensation under a no-fault insurance policy. Filing a lawsuit with the help of a Cocoa Beach bicycle accident lawyer may be an option if your injuries are significant or if another motorist was not involved in a crash.

The Umansky Law Firm fiercely advocates for hurt or fatally injured individuals and their families. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys understand how important it is for you to gain access to financial and legal support in the wake of your loss.

What Type of Situations Could Lead to a Cyclist Crash?

Spending your free time cycling allows you to enjoy the fresh air and get a good workout in. Unfortunately, bikes do not provide the same safety mechanisms as cars do to protect you from negligent drivers. As a result, bike collisions may put you at risk of serious injury or even death.

For example, you could be cruising North Atlantic Avenue with your reflective vest to alert others of your presence, when a reckless teenager careens around the corner from a side street and causes you to run off the road, skinning your knee and breaking your arm in the process.

Similarly, you may be biking Ocean Beach Boulevard when a runner appears in front of you without looking both ways. As a result, the force of the impact throws you off your cycle headfirst, and you crack your skull on the pavement. In addition to bruises and scrapes, you must contend with a disorienting and painful concussion.

In another scenario, after leaving Q’s Crackin Crab & Seafood Kitchen on your bike, you may get struck by someone driving under the influence, causing you to sustain life-threatening injuries that require multiple hospital stays and expensive surgeries.

Getting hurt in any bike crash where someone else may be liable could qualify you to receive a fair settlement to address your unexpected losses. You could give yourself an advantage by collaborating with a Cocoa Beach attorney who has extensive training in the nuanced bicycle accident and insurance laws.

What Are Your Legal Options When Someone Hits You on Your Bike?

When a pedestrian, motorist, fellow cyclist, or someone else causes you harm, the aftermath may leave you with painful injuries and an onslaught of medical bills. Depending on the specific circumstances—such as how long ago a crash occurred and what caused it—you may be entitled to financial restitution from an applicable insurance company or tort laws.

If another motorist was involved, Florida Statutes § 627.736 could allow you to seek damages—such as medical and disability benefits—by filing an insurance claim with the appropriate provider. For example, you might be eligible for up to 80 percent of the necessary healthcare costs you accrue within 14 days of a collision. There is likely an overall limit for each compensation category, such as a maximum of $10,000 for qualifying medical expenses.

Another option is bringing a tort lawsuit (e.g. personal injury) using the exceptions outlined in Fla. Stat. § 627.737. Doing so may allow you to request damages—such as pain, suffering, and inconvenience—unavailable to you in the standard claims process if you experience severe or permanent harm. Because this area of the law has many nuances and exceptions, it is advisable to speak with a lawyer in Cocoa Beach after a bicycle wreck.

Get in Touch With a Bike Law Attorney After a Crash in Cocoa Beach

When you are injured in a cycling wreck, you may have pain, frustration, and worry about your future following the trauma you endured. While exercising your legal rights—such as filing a lawsuit or championing an insurance claim—cannot erase the incident itself, it could give you the tools to rebuild your financial situation. Contact a Cocoa Beach bicycle accident lawyer on our team today to discuss your legal options.

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