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You should not have to fear suffering a life-altering injury when you visit your local grocery store to pick up food. You also should not have to worry about your safety when walking through a department store or going to your friend’s house for a party. Yet as a personal injury lawyer could attest, accidents frequently happen in these situations. In the blink of an eye, someone’s entire life can change simply because the property owner or caretaker was negligent.

You might have legal grounds to pursue financial damages if you suffered an injury while at another person’s home or business. A dedicated Cocoa Beach premises liability lawyer could help you fight for justice.

What is Premises Liability?

When people suffer an unexpected injury, they might face painful injuries with lengthy recovery periods. Even seemingly minor accidents can lead to devastating consequences. Accident survivors might also face emotional pain from the trauma of the accident, leading to depression, anxiety, or stress. Instead of going about their daily business, they might have to spend time recuperating, possibly not even be able to work. In addition to physical and emotional consequences, these sudden injuries can take an immense financial toll on a person or family.

Premises liability law lets injured people pursue damages to help reduce the financial consequences of an accident that they experienced on the property of others. Premises liability law grants injured people the right to file personal injury lawsuits against negligent property owners, caretakers, landlords, business managers, store owners, or anyone else in control of a property at the time an accident occurred.

After suffering an injury on somebody else’s property, an injured person or their concerned family members should consult with a premises liability attorney in Cocoa Beach to determine their likelihood of success.

Common Types of Premises Liability Suits in Cocoa Beach

Whenever somebody suffers harm outside of their home, they might have cause to file suit. However, the claim will likely only be successful if the injured person can prove that the owner or caretaker was somehow negligent in their property maintenance. The suit would probably fail if an injured claimant tries to pursue a claim without proof of a hazardous condition on the property that led to their injury.

For instance, if someone trips over their own feet because they were looking at their phone instead of the steps while climbing a staircase, that injured claimant might not have grounds to sue. However, if someone trips climbing the stairs because of loose carpeting on the stairs, they might be able to seek damages. The following are the most common types of hazardous conditions on a property that can lead to premises liability suits in Cocoa Beach:

  • Poor security leading to assaults and robberies
  • Unsecured or unsupervised backyard pools leading to drownings and near drownings
  • Insufficient lighting making it hard for people unfamiliar with a property to find their way
  • Torn carpeting
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Slippery floors
  • Cracks in sidewalks
  • Missing or broken handrails or steps

Trusted attorneys from The Umansky Law Firm could investigate the incident to determine what happened and who is to blame.

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Homeowners and business owners should take an active role in maintaining their property. If they allow dangerous hazards to develop on their land or inside their buildings, they should be held accountable when you suffer harm. Contact a Cocoa Beach premises liability lawyer if you suffer an injury at another person’s home or business. Our dedicated lawyers have successfully handled many different types of premises liability claims and understand how to gather evidence that supports your case.

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