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Unfortunately, car crashes happen every day in the Cocoa Beach area but most people escape from these wrecks with only minor injuries. Although they might have to deal with the hassle of getting a dent on their car repaired, they do not have to worry about anything else. However, some automobile crashes are so serious that they result in life-changing injuries and even fatalities. After being involved in a serious car crash, it is important to turn to a reliable personal injury attorney for assistance.

A Cocoa Beach car accident lawyer could help you review your legal options and file a claim for compensation of your medical bills and other losses.

Legally Responsible Parties in a Cocoa Beach Automobile Crash

Determining fault for an auto crash is critical to succeeding in a legal compensation claim. A Cocoa Beach attorney could investigate what caused the car accident by collecting the relevant information identifying the at-fault party.

The Other Driver

Most automobile crashes occur because of motorist negligence. Often, drivers are in a rush to get somewhere, so they make careless mistakes, such as by speeding, driving recklessly, tailgating, or making illegal lane changes or unsafe passes. Sometimes, motorists are distracted, and instead of looking at the road, they are more focused on their cell phone or other passengers. Substance abuse can also lead to crashes and potential criminal charges.

Driver’s Employer

Even if the driver caused the crash, they might not be the only responsible party. Some drivers are on the road because they are fulfilling work duties and their employer might be partially responsible. Even if the driver was an independent contractor instead of an employee, the insurance company for the business they work for might still be legally responsible. For instance, if the at-fault motorist was a rideshare or delivery service driver, an injured motorist might be able to seek compensation under the rideshare or delivery company’s insurance plan, depending on the circumstances.

Manufacturer or Mechanic

Some crashes occur because of faulty car parts and an attorney could investigate what happened if a car’s brakes or steering mechanism fails. The original manufacturer could be liable if the crash occurred because the vehicle had inherently unsafe parts. If poor maintenance or repairs led to the collision, the vehicle’s owner or the mechanic in charge of repairs could be responsible.

Government Agency in Charge of Roadway Conditions

Some accidents happen when the local or state authorities fail to maintain the roads. Large potholes or poorly marked road signs could cause a vehicle to lose control and crash.

An motor vehicle accident attorney knows how to look at the unique circumstances of each crash to determine the cause and who is legally to blame.

Timeline to File a Car Accident Claim

Florida has generally granted a four-year statute of limitations to file suit after a crash but a recent law change means any incident that occurred after March 24, 2023 will have only a two-year deadline. A car crash attorney in Cocoa Beach could get statements from witnesses shortly after the crash to ensure they remember important details and also confirm when the statute expires for a particular case.

Meet With a Cocoa Beach Car Accident Attorney

After an automobile collision, you might face many challenges and concerns about your wellbeing. One thing you should not have to worry about is money. If someone else was responsible for causing the accident, they should be responsible for paying for your medical expenses and reimbursing you for your lost wages.

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