Orlando’s Umansky Law Firm Secures Four Victories in Criminal Cases

Orlando’s Umansky Law Firm Secures Four Victories in Criminal Cases

Orlando’s Umansky Law Firm Secures Four Victories in Criminal Cases

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Recently, an attorney with Orlando’s Umansky Law Firm secured victories for four criminal law clients that desperately needed legal representation and guidance for their cases. The attorney’s extensive criminal law expertise and strategic defense planning led to favorable results in cases involving BB guns, racketeering, and suspended drivers’ licenses. With Florida’s reputation for having some of the toughest laws and court systems in the U.S., this was truly a victory for this attorney.

Termination of Probation on RICO Charge

A woman who had been put on probation for a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) charge, a first-degree felony, hired the Umansky Law Firm to attempt to reduce her probation. She had repaid the money she owed, served three years of her 10-year term and completed all the other conditions of her probation. This attorney filed a Motion to Terminate Probation and succeeded in ending the client’s probation term.

Effective Negotiation of Charges in BB Gun Shooting

While hanging out with two friends, one of the firm’s juvenile clients shot a BB gun at the window of an apartment, hitting a man inside. The juvenile had never been in trouble before, but the prosecutor would not allow the case to go into a first offender program.

Our young client was initially charged with a second-degree felony for shooting a deadly missile into an occupied structure. His family hired one of our Umansky Law Firm attorneys, who was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the felony charge, allowing the juvenile to plead only to misdemeanor charges. The Client was sentenced to only probation and will be eligible to seal his records as soon as he successfully completes his sentence.

Successful Motion to Recover Driver’s License

A client was caught driving with a suspended license, not knowing that it would be her third strike within a five year period. This caused her to be a Habitual Traffic Offender and she was notified that her license would be suspended for five years.

As a single mom with two jobs, she knew that she could not get by without a valid license. Our attorney filed a motion with the court trying to get the judge to change her conviction on the case, therefore removing the Habitual Traffic Offender Status. The Court granted the Motion and within a month the firm’s client was back on the road with a valid driver’s license.

Resolution of Traffic Violations

A client was charged twice with driving with a suspended license as he was unable to get a valid license because of a problem that occurred outside of Florida. He was sleeping in his car outside of his place of business when he was arrested. Even though he was not driving, the Defendant was technically in actual physical control of the vehicle in a place that was open to the public.

Our attorney was able to convince the prosecutor to amend it to a civil traffic infraction instead of keeping the original criminal charge. As soon as the client gets his issues resolved out of state, he will be able to get a Florida Driver’s License.

Working with an Orlando Defense Lawyer to Protect Your Reputation

The Umansky Law Firm is a criminal defense firm serving individuals in the Greater Orlando, Florida area. Their lawyers are committed to delivering high levels of personalized attention to all clients in order to help them achieve the best possible outcome in their case. As former prosecutors and police department legal advisers, their lawyers possess a unique skill set that gives clients an edge in their criminal representation.

With more than 100 years of combined experience among them, they continue to show tireless dedication and passion for the protection and best outcomes their clients’ can receive. Many of their members of their legal team belong to the National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, as well as having received recognition as Super Lawyers in 2018 and earlier.

If you or a loved one need quality representation that you can rely on, contact the firm today online or by phone. For more information, please visit the firm’s website.

Orlando’s Umansky Law Firm Secures Four Victories in Criminal Cases