Orlando DUI Defense Strategies

Defenses for DUI in Orlando don’t just start with the breath test, they actually go back to the traffic stop or detention itself. So anytime you’re stopped or detained by law enforcement and they don’t have a warrant for your arrest, you can:

Challenge The Stop

So that’s a legal defense and then after you challenge that you can even challenge even more. What I mean by that is you can challenge the fact that they even did a DUI investigation at the roadside to begin with, that they actually do few sobriety exercises. So that’s the next challenge.

Challenge Signs Of Impairment

If they have enough signs of impairment by either drugs or alcohol to detain me and asked me to do few sobriety exercises. That’s the second challenge and you can even challenge that.

Challenge Probable Cause

The third challenge that is available to you is, after the DUI investigation, after these few sobriety exercises, did they have enough probable cause to arrest me?

So these three questions I just told you, these three issues are decided by a judge, not a jury. The judge will decide whether or not law enforcement had enough to do these three things. So these are three things you challenge before you get to the breath test.

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    Orlando DUI Defense Strategies