Do You Have the Blues at the House of Blues?

Do You Have the Blues at the House of Blues?

Do You Have the Blues at the House of Blues?

Accused of trespassing after you’ve paid the steep price of admission to the House of Blues located in Orlando, Florida?

So you come to Orlando on vacation and decide to go to a concert at the House of Blues. After a few drinks and great music you’re feeling pretty good, enjoying yourself in the company of your friends. Suddenly a fight breaks out and you find yourself being escorted out of the club by House of Blues security guards who may not be trained police officers. They escort you out of the club and tell you to never return again.

You’re not involved in the fight and you try to get back into the place to explain that you had nothing to do with any fight and you’re separated from your friends with no way to go back to the hotel.

As you step onto the House of Blues property, a police officer stops and detains you and without giving you the benefit of the doubt and arrests you for trespassing and takes you to jail.

Please don’t despair! Our Orlando criminal defense lawyers have combined years of experience in trespass law and will fight hard to defend you in a court of law at the Orange County courthouse located in Orlando, FL. Our attorneys will be with you every step of the way. They will prepare a defense, negotiate with the prosecutor and work hard to defend you.

Remember however, trespass after warnings are misdemeanors that can be punishable by probation, fines, community service and in some rare instances jail time. So call our experienced trespass criminal lawyers in Orlando today or click on contact us to e-mail us your information.

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Do You Have the Blues at the House of Blues?