Juvenile Diversion Expungement in Orlando

If you were charged with a crime while still a juvenile, that could leave you with a damaging criminal record unless you take the necessary steps to expunge that information. Expungement offers a range of benefits, not the least of which is the peace of mind it can bring as you move ahead towards a new future.

On a practical level, juvenile diversion expungement in Orlando can also make many other aspects of your life infinitely less complicated. For example, seeking employment, securing a loan, and even being approved for housing can all present issues if you still have a public criminal record.

If you were charged with a crime as a minor and completed juvenile diversion or probation, you should consult with an expungement attorney who can assess your eligibility and explain the best next steps.

Eligibility for Juvenile Diversion Expungement

Expungement is essentially the process of eradicating a criminal record. In the eyes of the public, it is as if the criminal record never existed in the first place. There are multiple situations where you can get a criminal record in Orlando expunged, including for certain types of juvenile offenses that involved a diversion program.

The majority of juvenile records are automatically destroyed once the individual reaches the age of 24 or 26. The standard age for many juvenile offenses to achieve automatic expungement is 24. However, individuals with a juvenile criminal record who were determined to be habitual offenders may not get that record automatically expunged until they turn 26.

Either situation can still leave you to contend with the consequences of an old criminal record for a meaningful part of your early adult years. There can also be exceptions to the automatic expungement timelines. Examples can include individuals who were incarcerated in an adult correctional facility or juvenile prison, or who committed more serious offenses like assault or battery.

Expungement Before Age 24

Apart from automatic expungement, it is also possible for some juveniles to secure expungement before the point where many records are automatically destroyed at 24 or 26. This is possible if you are between the ages of 18 and 21, and previously completed a diversion or probation program for a nonviolent misdemeanor offense that you were charged with as a juvenile in Orlando. The charge must have been dismissed or dropped to qualify for this program.

Pursuing Expungement in Juvenile Diversion Cases

There are multiple reasons you might want to pursue juvenile diversion expungement in Orlando. Maybe you want to apply to a certain school or obtain a specific type of professional license. Perhaps you simply want to leave an old part of your life behind in the past where it belongs.

An understanding defense attorney can advise whether you qualify for early expungement of your juvenile record because you completed a pre-arrest or post-arrest diversion program. We can also help you through each stage of the juvenile diversion expungement process, including obtaining the necessary records, filing the correct paperwork, and handling court hearings.

Denial of Expungement

Certain circumstances can bar you from pursuing this legal option, but an attorney can also help you pursue possible alternatives if juvenile diversion is not a viable path to early expungement in your case. For example, if the offense that led to your diversion program constituted domestic violence or otherwise constitutes a violent offense, you would not qualify for early expungement because of your diversion program.

Another situation where you might be denied for juvenile diversion expungement would be if the state attorney has not actually certified that you finished the program prior to or after your arrest. If you do not qualify for juvenile diversion expungement program, your record could still be automatically expunged when you reach the age of 24 or 26. An attorney can also evaluate what possible routes for expungement are available, such as petitioning the court for one or submitting an administrative appeal.

Reach Out to an Orlando Juvenile Diversion Expungement Attorney

Obtaining juvenile diversion expungement in Orlando can change your life for the better. The Umansky Law Firm can help with all aspects of your case, including gathering the necessary paperwork, filing your expungement petition, and advocating for you interests in front of a judge.

If your application has flaws, or any other misstep occurs, your petition could be denied outright. Contact our office today to find out more about your expungement options and securing the vigilant legal representation you deserve.

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