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Month: December 2020

Can I Remove My Florida Sex Offender Registry?

After a conviction for certain sex offenses in Florida, you will have to register your name and personal information on the state sex offender registry. You may not even realize that your conviction requires this registration, or perhaps you were only informed of this requirement when you accepted a plea deal. The reality is that …

Failing to Report a Conviction or Plea to the Florida Real Estate Commission

If you’ve been convicted of a criminal offense in Florida, and you are a licensed real estate agent, the repercussions can take a toll on your mental health, finances, social life, and job. What’s more, you may also have to endure court appearances, fines, and a suspension or revocation of your professional real estate license. …

What Are Strategies Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims?

After a car accident, you assume that your car insurance company will be there to help you through the claims process. After all, you always paid your premiums without fail and never had any previous incidents. Unfortunately, you will quickly learn that the primary concern of your auto insurer is to protect their bottom line. …

4 Key Differences Between Truck and Car Accident Claims

There are many different variables when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. While truck accident claims mainly follow the same steps as car accident claims, there are some practical considerations victims might not think about. Here, we’ll break down four of the key differences between the two. Keep these differences in mind when hiring a …

Do You Have the Right to Resist an Unlawful Arrest?

To arrest you, a police officer must have a warrant for your arrest or probable cause to believe you committed an illegal act. In some cases, you may not have committed a crime, or a police officer has no probable cause. Is it legal to resist an unlawful arrest? Resisting an unlawful arrest is a …

Repercussions of Criminal Charges for College Students in Florida

For many college students, leaving for school is their first time away from home and living independently. However, their newfound freedom often leads to experimentation and pushing boundaries. But what happens when you push the limit too far? A lapse in judgment can lead to long-term consequences that may throw a wrench in your plans. …

What Are Sentencing Alternatives to Incarceration in Florida?

Across the country, jails and prisons are overcrowded, causing a heavy burden on taxpayers. More often, judges are beginning to use alternative sentencing for convicted criminals as opposed to incarceration. As long as the law at play doesn’t involve mandatory jail sentences, judges can use their discretion when sentencing convicted criminals. If you’re facing a …

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