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Month: May 2020

What Online Searches are Illegal?

People conduct scores of searches every day, and, while it all seems fairly anonymous to type in some terms on your laptop, home computer or smartphone, there are online searches that could potentially land you in jail. In an era when cyber crimes are so widespread, law enforcement agencies have entire units devoted to monitoring …

What’s the Difference Between a Bench and Arrest Warrant?

It can be scary to learn there’s a warrant out for you, and it could make you feel like someone is out to get you. However, it could be a bench warrant rather than an arrest warrant, and it’s important to understand the difference between the two types of warrants. Most people know an arrest …

Does Florida Need Prison Reform Legislation?

Last January, Florida lawmakers got a warning that the state’s prison system was facing a crisis. Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch said the system was suffering from low salaries and mandatory 12-hour shifts, while gang violence and poor working conditions were exacerbating these problems. That was still a month before the coronavirus pandemic …

Florida Lawmakers Consider Erasing Juvenile Records

Florida’s juvenile justice system has been sharply criticized in recent years. While the state has tried focusing on rehabilitation rather than punishment, critics say teens are too often placed into a hostile environment where youth-on-youth beatings can happen. After they’re released from the system, their records follow them. In the internet age, employers can get …

Can I Get a DUI Charge on an Electric Scooter in Florida?

With its tropical year-round weather, scooters have become an increasingly popular way to get around in the Sunshine State. In January, Orlando launched a pilot program allowing scooters to be used in the city for one year, to see if residents can safely ride them without leading to injuries. Orlando had previously launched a successful …

Commutation of a Sentence in Florida: Jumpstart your Life by Getting Out of Prison Early

What is a Commutation of a Sentence in Florida[1]? Look at it this way: Is your husband or wife serving a lengthy prison or probation sentence?[2] Is your father, mother, son, or daughter wasting away in a penal institution? Perhaps you, a family member or loved one is serving a long prison sentence in the …

Are There Ways to Challenge DNA Tests in a Criminal Case?

As more people in the United States use DNA tests to learn about their ethnic origins and ancestry, law enforcement agencies seek to take advantage of this potential trove of clues to solve difficult or unsolved cases. For decades, detectives have used government databases to match the DNA of suspected criminals – a technique called forensic …

What Happens If a Loved One Dies from Vaping?

Vaping – a common term for using e-cigarettes – was initially billed as a safer alternative to smoking; however, that hasn’t turned out to be the case. Last year, health officials in Kansas reported that a local woman became seriously ill after she started using e-cigarettes. It didn’t take long before she succumbed to lung …

Five Facts to Celebrate National Nurses Week

Each year, the country celebrates National Nurses Week beginning May 6 and ending May 12 – on Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Nurses have always played a significant role in healing humanity from war, disease, starvation, and poverty. Today, the nurse’s position hasn’t changed as more than 4 million Registered Nurses in the United States continue to …

Price Gouging During Coronavirus a Possible Felony

Since the coronavirus swept through the U.S., hand sanitizer, masks, cleaning, and paper products have vanished from retailers’ shelves nationwide. In the wake of this crisis, entrepreneurs have jumped at the opportunity to grab as many of these highly sought-after products to sell them online at absurdly high prices. With an increasing number of entrepreneurs …

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