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Month: February 2020

Students with BB Gun Arrested in Seminole County High School

Ever since the horrific shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, when a teen gunman killed 17 people, school officials and law enforcement agencies have been on heightened alert about the possibility of any type of gun violence happening inside a Florida school. The recent arrest of three students at Lake Brantley High School in …

Appeals Court Rules Felons Can’t Be Barred From Voting Over Fines

It’s been estimated that more than 1.4 million Florida residents are ineligible to vote because of past felony convictions. For more than a century, Florida law denied that right to anyone convicted of a felony offense. And even though Florida voters decided to lift that restriction, it’s not all clear if those residents will be …

Police Arrest a 6-year Old in an Orlando School

Parents of small children often worry about their safety when they’re at school, fearing they could get bullied by other students. What they usually don’t worry about is whether their children have reason to be afraid of something else: law enforcement.  So it shocked more than a few parents to watch video images on their …

If I Get injured While Water Skiing, Who Is Liable?

Two teenage girls recently got seriously hurt after their jet skis crashed near Sandsprit Park in Stuart, Florida. Police reported that they had severe injuries to their legs and lower regions and were taken to a local hospital where their condition was described as serious but not life-threatening.  Water skiing is also a popular activity …

Employee Rights Regarding Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana laws are in a state of flux throughout the country, but the unfortunate truth is that cannabis is still a Schedule I drug that’s banned at the federal level. Eleven states have legalized recreational use of cannabis, and in these states, it’s generally treated similarly to alcohol in that employers do not need to …

What Are the Defenses If You’re Arrested for Lewd Conduct in a Massage Parlor?

Local law enforcement across Florida have increased their efforts to crack down on lewd acts and sex crimes at massage parlors. With the ever-increasing ease of hiring escorts and sex workers on the internet, police have increased their attempts to apprehend and prosecute anyone who attempts to pay someone else for sex. In recent news, …

The Biggest Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident in Orlando

A car accident does not need to result in a totaled vehicle to make you feel shaken up and shocked once it happens. After any kind of impact, it can be difficult to focus on what you need to do to protect yourself legally. Unfortunately, while most people know the basics of what to do …

Can Police Search My Car Without a Warrant in Florida?

Police are allowed to pull over motorists for a wide variety of traffic infractions, from broken tail lights to distracted driving to having an expired registration, so long as they have reasonable suspicion that a driver broke the law. Whatever the reason may be, being pulled over by a police officer can become an even …

How A.I. is Affecting the Criminal Justice System

Artificial intelligence in the form of facial recognition is becoming further embedded in society as technology continues to advance. Apple’s iPhone X uses facial recognition as a password to unlock it, shopping centers use it for advertisements, and Facebook has long used it to identify users’ faces in photos. Technology companies like IBM and Microsoft …

Why Shipping Marijuana in the U.S. is a Bad Idea

Although attitudes about marijuana have become more accepting, and more states are legalizing recreational use, the fact remains that marijuana is federally prohibited. In Florida, there are several marijuana charges you may face at the state level. However, sending marijuana or a substance that derives from it by mail can bring federal charges. If you …

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