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Month: July 2014

Driver faces drug charges after car accident in East Manatee

Drug cases are common in Florida. Local law enforcement agencies, state police and federal agencies work hard to prevent the distribution of prohibited drugs into and around the state. Officials use various methods, such as traffic stops to nab individuals who might be trafficking in drugs, or even just using recreational drugs. Sometimes, drug offenders …

Educator arrested on child pornography allegations in Orlando

A criminal charge is the result of an investigation into any wrongdoing or illegal activity. Here in Central Florida, readers know that local authorities are always investigating reports of possible illegal activities in order to keep local residents safe. Each criminal charge may fall into different categories such as misdemeanor, felony or a federal offense. Each charge …

Traveling to Meet a Child Bust

Operation Cyber Child III concluded on Monday, June 30th, and yielded some considerable results for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. 16 men were arrested as a result of the undercover operation focusing on adults travelling to meet minors to engage in sexual activity as well as adults who possess child pornography. Of the 16 men that were …

Sex crime investigation leads to arrest of 16 in Orlando

Lewd conduct or any form of malicious intent toward another person is not tolerated in the state of Florida. Here in Central Florida, law enforcement officers often conduct investigations and entrapment operations to prevent sex crimes, such as rape, prostitution and possession of child pornography. Authorities also aim to protect children from sexual predators who …

Former YMCA employee arrested on grand theft charge

Theft – taking someone else’s money or property – is often a betrayal of personal trust. As is the case with many state laws, Florida law distinguishes theft as petty or grand based on the amount involved and the way it was taken. Both types of theft charges come with their own unique penalties that …

Woman faces charges including attempted murder

Criminal charges often result if a person commits an illegal act in the state or in the country. In Orlando, Florida, residents understand that each criminal offense carries a unique set of penalties, which may include jail time, fines, probation and other negative consequences. Some charges fall into the misdemeanor category, while others are felonies. …

Be Safe and Avoid a Fourth of July DUI Arrest

As many of you already know, this Friday marks the 238th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America. A true American holiday, the 4th of July is often a day filled with partying and patriotism. Hot dogs, burgers, and of course alcohol will be flowing (perhaps even more so with the holiday …

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