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Motor vehicle collisions frequently have long-lasting consequences for the people involved. In addition to physical pain and the medical costs from your recovery, you might also experience mental trauma and the loss of ability to engage in certain activities. A skilled personal injury attorney could help you hold the other driver accountable when these incidents happen.

When you suffered an injury in a crash, there is potential for a viable case for monetary compensation. Success with these cases requires evidence that proves another party was responsible for negligently causing your wreck. Let a Lake Mary car accident lawyer help you pursue justice.

Types of Car Accidents

No two motor vehicle crashes are exactly the same. Some incidents involve a single driver, while others are multi-car pileups, or it might involve a premises liability claim due to a severe road defect. When it comes to car accident litigation, what matters is the presence of negligence. Some circumstances that can lead to legal action include the following

  • Texting while driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Teen or inexperienced drivers
  • Failure to yield or speeding

A car accident attorney in Lake Mary could carefully evaluate the facts of a crash to determine if legal action is possible. If the defendant was engaged in any of the above situations, or some other situation where they might be considered negligent, the plaintiff has a solid case to recover damages for their losses.

Recovering Compensation After a Crash

With the help of a Lake Mary vehicle accident attorney, it could be possible to recover different types of damages after a wreck. A successful outcome might provide the injured with a monetary award for their physical, emotional, and financial hardships sustained from the crash. The following are the primary damages that they could recover.

Lost Wages

When it comes to car accident lawsuits, one crucial aspect is lost wages. Suffering harm from a vehicle collision can significantly impact an individual’s ability to work and earn a living. Plaintiffs may be entitled to compensation for both current and future lost wages depending on the severity of the injuries sustained. This financial award addresses immediate financial burdens and provides reassurance for any potential long-term effects on earning capacity resulting from their injuries.

Medical Bills

One of the major concerns for those involved in car accidents is the cost of medical care. Serious injuries can require expensive, ongoing treatment that can last for years after the incident. However, even minor wounds can be costly to attend to in the aftermath of the crash. This is especially true when it comes to emergency medical treatment and ambulance transportation.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages provide financial compensation for the agony endured by the plaintiff as a result of a wreck. In addition to the physical impact, these damages can also apply to a person’s emotional suffering as well. These intangible losses might be difficult to measure but a Lake Mary attorney could help secure an award.

Property Damage

While it is natural for a person involved in a collision to focus on how it impacted their physical health, they could also be entitled to compensation based on damage to their property as well. This usually comes in the form of repair costs for the damaged car. In serious accidents, it may be possible to secure an award that pays for the replacement of a destroyed vehicle.

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Dealing with the fallout from these incidents can be difficult, especially on your own. While you have the right to handle your own injury case, relying on guidance from The Umansky Law Firm could improve your chances of success. Contact a Lake Mary car accident lawyer as soon as possible for a private consultation and learn how we could improve your odds of winning damages on your behalf.

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