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“I’m just tipsy; I can make it,” was the last thing you said before getting behind the wheel to drive home. As you started the engine and began driving, you realized that you were not as sober as you thought you were. The road markings began to blur and your eyelids became heavier than ever. The next thing you knew, a police officer knocked on your window with a flashlight. You fell asleep at a stop light and are now facing charges for driving under the influence.

Instances like these happen often, but it is vital to know that no matter the actions that led to your arrest, an experienced defense attorney can help mitigate your case. The Daytona Beach DUI lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm can analyze case details and serve as your legal representation throughout the entirety of your case.

What is Considered DUI in Florida?

Although Florida strictly penalizes convicted DUI offenders, qualifications for a DUI are the same nationwide. You may face a DUI charge if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level exceeds:

  • 0.08% and you’re 21 years or older
  • 0.04% and you’re 21 years or older and operating a commercial vehicle
  • 0.02% and you’re under 21 years old

The noticeably low legal limit for those under 21 is in place to disallow underage drinkers from even having one drink and driving. Florida has a Zero Tolerance policy for underage drinking and the law warrants the automatic driver’s license suspension of any individual under 21 caught drinking and driving. Those of the legal age may have a higher BAC limit, but the penalties are more severe for those who are accused of DUI before they reach the legal drinking age.

Penalties for a Daytona Beach DUI

A majority of DUI charges are misdemeanor charges unless aggravating circumstances are present. These include instances when a person is injured or killed as a result of the negligence of a drunk driver. A standard first-time DUI conviction can lead to:

  • License suspension
  • Up to six months in jail
  • Fines of up to $1,000
  • Fifty hours of community service

Penalties may be enhanced for drivers who blow over 0.15 BAC or who had a minor in the vehicle at the time of the DUI stop. Contact a DUI defense lawyer in Daytona Beach as soon as possible after your arrest. The earlier you get an attorney involved, the more he or she can do to mitigate the effects of your arrest.

At the Umansky Law Firm, our goal is to have your DUI dropped or reduced to a lesser charge. We fight for your best interests to preserve your future and help you avoid the worst penalties possible while providing close personal attention to your case.

Defenses Against a Daytona Beach DUI Charge

Your DUI lawyer can challenge the breathalyzer test’s results and the DUI stop. Breathalyzer tests often produce inaccurate readings as a result of extenuating factors including chemical interference and operator errors; therefore, there are several ways your lawyer might be able to challenge the results of a breath test. Other chemical tests, like urine and blood tests, are also prone to errors. An attorney will review all test results and look for opportunities to call the prosecution’s case into question.

Additionally, your lawyer might be able to challenge the traffic stop itself. The arresting officer must have had had probable cause to pull you over and conduct a DUI investigation. Without probable cause, your DUI charge may be invalid, even if your BAC was over the legal limit.

Fight Your Daytona DUI Charge Today

A DUI conviction can have far-reaching effects on different parts of your life. Overall, the best thing you can do to avoid or minimize complications is to hire an experienced attorney. The attorneys with The Umansky Law Firm are former Florida prosecutors with decades of experience fighting DUI charges throughout Central Florida.

Our lawyers thrive in the legal community and some have been recognized as Lawyers of Distinction. Attorney William D. Umansky is a member of the Orange County Bar Association’s Executive Council and the Florida Justice Association.

Attorney Rachel Mattie also handles many DUI cases that come to our firm. She is a member of the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. As a DUI attorney who serves Daytona Beach, she can handle your questions and concerns surrounding your criminal charge.

Trust our Daytona Beach DUI lawyers to provide competent legal representation. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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