Criminal Defense Case Results

Trespass Into a Conveyance

Client B.L–Client originally charged with Grand theft Auto 3rd degree felony. Client pled to an amended charge of trespass into a conveyance, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to time served and was able to close his case that had been pending for 13 years.

Client F.A–Pled trespass in structure (m1) and criminal mischief (m2 ag + cts)
ag + 347 days probation + 17 days cts + behavioral modification class (1 day) + no contact with victim except for child visitation arrangements and communication with 6 year old child. Restitution ordered, reserve jurisdiction 90 days to set amount

Good result in light of risk of burglary of a dwelling charge.

VOP: VOP dismissed. Victim did a declination on the new law charge, so State ultimately couldn’t go forward on the VOP and had to dismiss it, as client turned himself in on the warrant and thus the State had no other basis for a violation.


Unlawful Speed (104 mph in a 70 zone)

Client D.J–Traffic Infraction case – client was facing 4 points on her driving record as well as a $354 fine. We were able to get her ticket dismissed.

Client E.C–Client was out-of-state, had a minor incident here but State wouldn’t drop due to out-of-state history. Case resolved with written plea so client didn’t have to return to Florida. Withhold of adjudication and court costs.

Client W.W–Allegation was that client tailgated someone in traffic then pointed a gun at them. Alleged victim claimed to have a dash camera of events and ID’d client, but State dismissed the charges. Suspect that no such dash camera video existed, as client denied doing these things.

Check Fraud

Client M.A.–Client was facing 10 years in prison. The State offered him 24 months in prison due to another case he had pending. I was able to get that other case dismissed and went back to renegotiate this case. After working with the State, I was given an offer of 24 months probation. My client asked if he could do straight jail time instead of probation. After working with the State again, we resolved the case to 120 days in the county jail. With gain time, the client will be out of jail before Thanksgiving, and he will get treatment for his addiction while he is serving his time.

Violation of Probation (Carjacking)

Client L.W–Client was on probation for carjacking. He violated his probation for a second time. The State’s offer was to send him back to prison for an additional 24 months. After working the State, and explaining my client’s unique situation, the State agreed to community control instead of prison. Client’s probation was modified to community control with a substance abuse evaluation with any recommended treatment.

Failure to Display DL

Client M.A–Case was amended from criminal No Valid DL to civil traffic infraction of Failure to Display DL. I was then able to resolve the citation to a withhold of adjudication, so he will not have any points added to his licenses, minimum fine and court costs. With the case being resolved this way the client will not have a criminal record or points on his licenses.

Reckless Driving (Alc. Related)

Client E.C–Client hired us for his 2nd DUI. We were able to negotiate a Reckless Driving on his behalf despite the State initially refusing to reduce the charge because his first DUI was also reduced to Reckless Driving. When the State initially said no we pointed out how well client appeared on video. Once the State reviewed the video and saw what we saw, they agreed to reduce the charge.

Improper Exhibition of a Dangerous Weapon

Client S.B–Client was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (knife) and Battery. Client has to have special clearance to work at the port loading cruise ships and cargo ships. If the client resolved his case to the aggravated battery case he would not be pass the background check to keep his job. After negotiations with the State I was able to resolve his case to a misdemeanor charge of improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon. He received a withhold of adjudication, 12 months probation, and an anger management class.

Client E.J–Pled client at VOP arraignment to get him out of jail. ag + 30 days jail with credit for 35 days time served, $100 cost of prosecution.

Felony Trespass

Client 1–Client was being investigated by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for 2 cases (felony & misdemeanor trespassing charges). Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted the prosecutor’s office and gave weekly updates to the Client regarding the prefile investigation. Client was not charged with any crimes, and the prosecutor’s office closed out both cases!

Client M.A–Case dismissed! (No Information)
Case was clear stand-your-ground, police got quick to arrest on a DV charge that never happened.

DV Battery

Client and wife visiting Florida from the United Kingdom. Client’s wife alleges that Client committed Aggravated Battery on her while at hotel room. Police begin investigation, and detective submits Aggravated Battery charges to state attorney’s office for prosecution. Client hires Umansky Law Firm for prefile/precharge representation. Attorney Zahra Umansky contacts prosecutor’s office. Prosecutor charges Client with only misdemeanor battery charge. Client is not arrested because only misdemeanor charge is filed against Client.

Driving While License Suspended

Client received a citation for driving on a suspended licenses without knowledge. The client paid the citation without knowing that by doing this she would be adjudicated guilty, get points on her licenses, and then her licenses would be suspended for 5 years as a habitual traffic offender. When the client learned about the 5 year suspension, she though there was nothing she could do. After 3 years with this suspension in place, she spoke with me. I was able to go over her driving history and determine that this ticket, and 2 others, are what had her license suspended. I filed a motion in all 3 cases and was able to get the adjudication and points removed from her licenses as well as the 5 year suspension. She will soon be able to go and reinstate her DL for the first time in years.

Boating Violation Causing Death

Client D.J–Client was driving a boat that was pulling a tube carrying an intoxicated female. The tube got caught by a wake and the female on the tube tragically lost her life. Despite this being nothing more than a tragic accident, client was arrested for 3 counts of violating boating rules causing death. We reviewed the arrest warrant and argued to the judge and prosecutor that there was no crime here, and that client had not violated any boating safety regulations that caused this accident. Unfortunately, accidents are a tragic part of life but they are not always the result of criminal actions. The prosecutor agreed that this was not a criminal matter and dropped all charges.


Client W.S– Admit violation of special condition. AG, 71 days OCJ, CTS, Revoke and Term

Client S.J– Client entered an admission of VOP, court revoked and terminated probation and sentenced client to credit time served. D6 of license until treatment completed.

Client M.W– Lying, victim asserted client violated probation by calling him, but it was actually their mother. State spoke to witnesses and victim and violation of probation was dismissed six days after client turned himself in on the warrant at the VOP arraignment.

Client M.W– Case dismissed! Client was improperly arrested simply because he was present when someone pulled a gun on a third party. Met with the State with the client and did a full interview of events. Charges dismissed.

No Valid DL

Client D.J–All charges dismissed when I was able to show the State a valid DL.

Client F.A–Pled trespass in structure (m1) and criminal mischief (m2 ag + cts)
ag + 347 days probation + 17 days cts + behavioral modification class (1 day) + no contact with victim except for child visitation arrangements and communication with 6 year old child. Restitution ordered, reserve jurisdiction 90 days to set amount
Good result in light of risk of burglary of a dwelling charge.
VOP: VOP dismissed. Victim did a declination on the new law charge, so State ultimately couldn’t go forward on the VOP and had to dismiss it, as client turned himself in on the warrant and thus the State had no other basis for a violation.

Client C.C–Dispute between client and a woman. She was angry and accused him of threatening her with a gun and pushing her. She’d broken his finger in a car door and he pushed her away from her– there was no gun.

We submitted the victim’s declination of prosecution and the case was dropped (no information).



Client was charged with Battery. He was adamant he was simply defending himself against a co-worker but the police didn’t believe him. We obtained the surveillance footage from work and presented it to the State. The State agreed that this was a strong case of self-defense and dropped the charges before we had to file any motions.


Client 1–Client was charged with DUI. Client thought he wanted to go to trial until he reviewed the videos. After reviewing the video he realized trial was not a good option and accepted a deal with the State. Client’s biggest concern was having the time to do community service and pleading guilty so we were able to get the judge to allow a full buy out of those hours and accept a plea of no contest instead.

Client J.W–Client was involved in a crash and got arrested for her 3rd DUI. We were able to negotiate a non-jail resolution so client did not serve any jail time or have any community service. She only had to serve 12 months of probation and complete the DUI Classes. The careless driving ticket and the no proof of insurance ticket were both dismissed.

Client B.F–Client hired us for 2nd DUI within 5 years. This carries a mandatory minimum 10 days jail and a 5 year DL suspension. Client lives in North Carolina so doing jail in Florida and losing his license for that long was not an option. We filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence and before the hearing the State offered him the minimum 1st time DUI penalties which included no jail and only a 1 year license suspension. Client never has to come down to Florida since we were able to do a written plea and he is allowed mail in probation.

Client S.S–Client hired us to do a motion to modify a DWLS ticket she got in Sumter County. The court would not even give us a hearing on the matter and then issued an order denying our motion in chambers. I emailed client explaining the outcome.

Client K.C–Client came back to hire attorney for motion for early termination of probation after we handled his case the first time around. The court granted our motion so we were able to cut client’s probation down from 12 months to only 6 months!

Sale of Nicotine Products to Minor

Client worked at convenience store. Seminole County Vice Task force (City County Investigative Bureau CCIB) conducted an undercover operation targeting sale of nicotine products to minors. The task force utilized confidential informant (CI) to pose as minor buying nicotine products from store. Client was charged with crime of allegedly selling nicotine products to minor. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to get Client into a diversion program which resulted in criminal case being completely dismissed.Sale of Nicotine Products to Minor

Criminal Mischief

Client O.A–felony criminal mischief charge still pending against D at Osceola County SAO. Prefile expired

Client C.A–cannot finish expunge bc D as prior conviction for LSOA – received FDLE rejection letter

Unemployment Fraud

Client T.N–Client retained us in 2017 for a 2013 warrant he had out for a felony fraud case. He was placed on probation and then came back to hire us again 4 years later and we were able to convince the judge to let him off probation early.

Domestic Battery

Client W.C–Client found guilty after a trial by jury. Adjudication of guilt, 12 months probation, batter’s intervention program, no contact with the victim, 20 hours community service

Client J.B–Client charged with Battery. Criminal charges were dropped against Client but case was still a public record. Attorney Zahra Umansky successfully expunged Client’s case so that it is no longer a public record. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to expunge Client’s record without Client having to go back to Court.

Client S.K--Pled. ag + cts sentence (35 days). $74.32 cost of investigation to the Polk Sheriff’s office, $50 cost of prosecution. Good deal, since I negotiated an identical sentence on the VOP that this case violated. Overall, client was immediately released from jail on the violation of probation for credit for time served (I arranged this within days of being hired) and I convinced the county court attorney to simply give him credit for the time he sat in jail for the same days that he was there on the violation of probation with no new probationary term and no additional sanctions.

Client D.M–Did client consultation started prepping case. This morning another counsel substituted in and took over / is taking over the defense, presumably as they can handle the injunction hearing (I have a scheduling conflict).

Client J.C–Case was “theft” of condominium paperwork when manager refused to do a walk-through. Arrest was stupid. Contacted ASA and explained what happened, state filed dismissal.

Lewd & lascivious on child

10/30/2021–D being investigated for child molestation. Case with sao now. Volusia cty

10/29/2021–Risk protection order denied. Insufficient evidence to establish by clear and convincing evidence that client was a risk to himself or others. Had all witnesses testify at hearing.

Is a Defense Attorney Necessary?

It is not uncommon for Orlando residents facing criminal charges to wonder if an attorney is necessary. After all, there is no requirement that a person charged with a criminal offense hires legal counsel at all. But proceeding without an attorney comes with serious risks and the consequences of a mistake can be life-altering.

One of the most important ways an Orlando criminal defense attorney could help is by providing a defendant with a frame of reference. They could explain the severity of the charges and the person’s chances of prevailing at trial.

An attorney could also develop a defense strategy tailored to the facts of the case. This process involves investigating the allegations against the defendant and determining the best way to fight back.

Going through a trial can be especially risky without legal counsel. The trial process involves archaic rules of evidence and complex procedures regarding everything from jury selection to marking evidence. Given the severity of the potential penalties, it is never a good idea to move forward without a lawyer to manage the case.

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