Orlando Once Again #1 for Pedestrian Deaths

Orlando Once Again #1 for Pedestrian Deaths

Orlando Once Again #1 for Pedestrian Deaths

Over the past decade, Orlando has had success in dispelling its longtime reputation of being the nation’s most dangerous place for roadside walking. That was until recently when it ranked again as the riskiest area for pedestrians by Smart Growth America’s Dangerous by Design report.

Also reported was that overall risk for pedestrians climbed all across the United States over the past few years. Smart Growth America notes this is due to the prioritization of cars above the safety of people walking along roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that almost 50,000 people died while walking along a highway by drivers between 2008 and 2017.

Contributing Factors of Orlando Pedestrian Deaths

Advocates for pedestrian safety point out that Central Florida has focused road design towards drivers’ need for convenience. This compounds the entire state of Florida’s reputation for being one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians. Reports indicate that the elderly and people of color in more impoverished communities are more likely to experience this kind of danger on Orlando or state roadways.

Additionally, areas where pedestrians accidents are likely to occur worsen the situation. Specific walking paths that increase the likelihood of a traffic incident include:

  • Sidewalks without much distance from high traffic and speed areas
  • Paths and dirt trail areas near traffic zones or that cross those areas
  • Numerous driveway entry points along a sidewalk

Another suspected cause is the increasing popularity of SUVs, and pickup trucks cause an increased likelihood of death if a pedestrian is hit compared to sedans.  There is an idea that impoverished areas which are renovated into new suburban areas add to the problem, as well, since low-income families in these neighborhoods do not own vehicles. This means family members will risk walking along dangerous and complicated roadways to get to work or a store for food.

Orlando Pedestrian Death Statistics

While Orlando improved its rating in 2016, part of this might be due to the doubling of the number of cities compared. Regardless, this dropped Orlando to the third most dangerous city in Florida instead of continuing in the top spot. The city still had a dangerous rise in pedestrian fatalities between 2008 through 2017 despite 2016’s better rating. These rankings by Smart Growth America are based on the formulation of the population, casualties, and the number of those who walk to their job.

Within Orlando city limits, the death zones have long been known for their risk to pedestrians. Arterial roadways on the outskirts of major urban locations which include some of the following byways contribute to the dangers pedestrians traverse every day in Orlando:

  • Hiawassee Road
  • Pine Hills Road
  • US Highways 192 and 441
  • State Road 436
  • Orange Blossom Trail
  • Colonial Drive

These roads have many standard features that prove lethal. Features like multiple lanes that are designed for high traffic and speed, and do not have safe areas designed for crossing. This supports the claims that Central Florida roads focus on the needs of the drivers and not the safety of the people walking along them.

Orlando Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

With the latest findings making Orlando once again the most dangerous city for Florida pedestrians, it’s essential to pay extra attention in these areas. No matter how vigilant we may be, accidents still happen and hurt our loved ones or us. This situation requires a seasoned personal injury attorney to protect your best interests during your claim so you and your family receive much-needed compensation.

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Orlando Once Again #1 for Pedestrian Deaths