Every year, drivers get arrested for DUI in great numbers on Memorial Day. Please be safe and do not drink and drive. Have a plan of action if you plan on drinking. Get a cab, designated driver or do not get near a car this weekend if you plan to drink.

Police officers all over Central Florida including Orlando, Winter Park and Longwood will be out in great numbers looking for drunk drivers. Expect road blocks and DUI checkpoints all through the city and random locations throughout the metro Orlando area.

Police are on the lookout this weekend and you must have a plan in place to protect yourself. Orlando DUI laws have gotten tougher recently and you will face heavy fines, court costs, ignition interlock, counseling, community service hours and mandatory license suspension in many cases. Also, once you receive a DUI, a lawyer can only go so far to protect your interests. No attorney can guarantee a result, and no lawyer can guarantee that a DUI get dropped. Even if an attorney is able to see your case through to a favorable outcome, your arrest record will remain around. So be careful and don’t drink and drive!