Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend Safely

There is probably no better three day weekend across the United States than Memorial Day Weekend. For some people in the northern states, it means the end of winter and is typically a “summer like” day. For the kids, it is the end of a grueling year at school, and they know that this weekend marks the beginning of carefree summer days ahead. In Orlando, this is a great weekend too, and there are the theme parks, tourists venues and of course, miles and miles of beach.  We enjoy the time off, but we always give our thoughts and hearts to our troops while we’re comfortable in safety, surrounded by friends and family.

Law enforcement is also aware of what a great holiday it is, and they know that with the fun comes those who do not take driving responsibly and are drunk driving. Therefore, traffic stops will be going up all over the country as in the past. In Orlando, state police are already preparing traffic stops. They will be ticketing for seat belts, license requirements and tag violations, but arresting impaired drivers is the main goal. It is Law Enforcement’s job is to make the streets safe for the average person, so if you plan on drinking and driving, plan on going to jail and finding a criminal defense lawyer when you get arrested. Safety checks are designed to protect the legal rights of citizens, so there is no reason to try driving illegally.

Everyone can have fun Memorial Day weekend, if drivers follow the golden rule: If you are drinking or using drugs, stay and celebrate where ever you are, or walk, as most people’s pride won’t let them take a cab. Then a traffic stop will only delay your trip by 15 minutes, instead of changing your life. Then there will be no need to see a DUI attorney. Officers will be ready and prepared, and a DUI is no way to celebrate the time off.