Why do Celebrities Shoplift?

Lindsey Lohan is the latest in a long history of celebrities to be charged with shoplifting. According to new sources, Ms. Lohan is going to be charged with Grand Theft for stealing a necklace. It always boggles my mind why people who have so much money, fame and stardom would shoplift. Why do celebrities with money need to shoplift?

I believe it is because the same thing that drives them to stardom- the desire to be noticed, the need for excitement and attention- is the same thing that causes actresses such as Lohan to allegedly steal. Hopefully Lindsay did not do it because if she is found guilty she may go to jail again because she is already on probation and would be in serious trouble for getting a new law offense!

Theft charges are serious and can hamper your career.  Superstars may be forgiven for a shoplifting charge but most people will not be that lucky. Employers are very cautious in hiring individuals charged with theft and often times if a theft charge is not sealed or expunged, careers may be lost for good.

If you’re not a celebrity, you may not have money to throw around on a lawyer to get you a desirable verdict for your theft charge.  Think about the consequences before proceeding with breaking the law.