Two individuals accused of theft from Florida university

There are many different types of theft charges. Theft charges can range from shoplifting to burglary, to armed robbery and other serious forms of stealing. In each case, the specific requirements that prosecutors must prove to show that a theft occurred will change. Additionally, the penalties for each case will change depending on the specific charges. Therefore, it is important for people to understand exactly what type of theft charge they are facing and what prosecutors must show for them to be found guilty.

Recently, two Florida residents have been charged with 11 counts of fraudulent claims and three counts of grand theft after talking with police. According to police, the two people were employees at Florida A&M University. During their time with the University, the pair are accused of taking money from a university account that was intended to help students go to football games around the country.

University officials say that they discovered that money was missing following an internal investigation. According to police, the two individuals suspected of the theft admitted to taking money. One person is accused of admitting to taking $2,000 from the program. The other is accused of taking $13,500 from the program. Police say, this person admitted to taking around $7,500.

While it is important for people – like the individuals in this case – to understand what they are charged with, it is also important for people to understand their criminal defense rights. Under the constitution, people have certain protections that cannot be violated by police officers or prosecutors. One of these rights includes the right to avoid self-incrimination. Florida residents should understand that they are under no obligation to admit guilt in a particular situation. Instead, people should understand all their defense options before discussing the case with police.

Source: My Fox Orlando, “2 former FAMU officials charged with theft,” March 12, 2014