Police Operation Nabs 12,000 Felons in Florida

The streets of Florida could be a little bit safer after a three-week police initiative resulted in the arrest of nearly 12,000 felons. The initiative named “Operation: Felon Sweep” targeted felons known to be, or believed to be in the Florida area with open warrants.

Of the 12,000 individuals arrested, many were considered violent criminals. These men and women pulled from the streets were arrested on a variety of charges and open warrants ranging from drugs, to attempted murder, to rape and child-sex charges. Several fugitives will be expedited to their home states to be tried for their warrants.

One man, a fugitive from Tennessee was arrested during the sweep on child sex charger. He will be expedited to Tennessee to be tried for the crimes. Another man was arrested at a bus stop for a recent rape in the area.

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The sweep also netted nearly 900 pounds of marijuana, $410,000 in illegal cash, and thousands of prescription pills worth roughly $60,000 on the streets. The arrests aimed to clean the streets of Florida of felons who have long considered the bustling metropolises of Orlando and other cities as a perfect place to get “lost”.

Many counties in Florida routinely conduct sting operations with the purpose of cracking down on different areas of crime. Some of the other successful strings that operate involve sex crimes, such as rounding up dozens of potential sexual predators from websites and online chats. Others will involve DUI, which could be your typical DUI checkpoint. Others take elaborate planning and resources, such as the operation in this article, and are aimed at hitting the source of crimes in one coordinated procedure.