Police arrest man for cocaine and other drug charges

In Orlando, Florida, law enforcement officials painstakingly follow all leads that can lead to the apprehension of people involved in drug crimes. And once a person has been apprehended for drug crimes, the accused is likely to face severe penalties, depending on the charges. For example, a person caught with a specific amount of drug may be charged with misdemeanor possession, while a person who was caught carrying a large quantity may face a more serious charge such as drug distribution or trafficking.

Such is the case of a central Florida man who was arrested in Deltona on drug charges after police discovered marijuana and cocaine concealed under his stomach fat. Based on a report, authorities ordered the driver to pull over after they saw the accused riding without a safety harness. The 42-year-old man whose estimated weight was 450 pounds, stated that his size prevented him from wearing the seatbelt. Police also noticed that the driver of the car was nervous during their conversation and requested a drug-detecting dog to check the vehicle. Authorities discovered 23 grams of suspected marijuana and cocaine in the driver’s possession. They also found $7,000 in cash and a handgun.

In a case like this, the accused should seek legal assistance immediately and begin to build a defense strategy. Cases are sometimes dismissed by gathering evidence that can prove that law enforcement’s traffic stop was unnecessary. How the authorities interrogated the defendant and the way they searched the defendant’s vehicle can also be examined in order to determine if the defendant’s rights were violated.

Drug crimes can lead to serious penalties. Without legal intervention, the defendant is at risk of being convicted. An attorney can offer valuable advice and guidance to the accused and may be able to help secure a more favorable legal outcome.

Source: My Fox Orlando, “Deputy: Florida man hid drugs under ‘stomach fat’,” June 17, 2014