Man in jail faces a new grand theft charge

Taking someone else’s property is against the law. In Orlando, Florida, and anywhere else in the nation, theft charges can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of the stolen object. Theft charges may stem from various illegal activities including burglary or entering a private premise, robbery or taking someone else’s property using force and armed robbery or committing a robbery while using weapons. Each charge comes with a unique set of penalties that can lead to a prison sentence and fines upon conviction.

A man who is currently incarcerated for theft charges in Polk County, Florida, was recently charged with grand theft in another county – St. Lucie. Based on a report, the defendant allegedly bought two cars with bad checks. Additionally, the defendant is accused of trading one of the illegally obtained cars to finance another vehicle. The defendant will be extradited to St. Luce County once his charges are settled in Polk County.

Theft charges are serious offenses. In this case, the defendant has a history of theft, which makes it more difficult to establish a credible defense. Prosecutors and the jury will look into the defendant’s criminal history while determining his guilt or innocence. However, Orlando residents are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Orlando residents facing similar charges need to defend themselves and presenting a strong defense may help their case. A defense attorney can examine the evidence presented by the prosecutors in order to determine its validity. This professional can also gather evidence with his or her own investigation in order to gather evidence that can strengthen the defense.

Source:, “Man faces grand theft charges in St. Lucie County,” Breana McCoy, June 6, 2014