Man charged with DUI manslaughter, property damage

A man was arrested at Orlando Regional Medical Center after police say he caused multiple crashes in the area, one which was fatal. The man is accused by police of rear-ending a car, which then hit another vehicle. They say he then took off and crashed into two more vehicles about a mile away. One of the drivers involved in the second crash was killed.

Police say they believe the man was drunk, but he refused field sobriety tests or a breath test. Now, he is facing charges of DUI manslaughter and three counts of DUI property damage. These charges are extremely serious could lead to significant jail time if the man is convicted.

According to a report, the man had prior convictions of an open container violation, speeding and careless driving. When a person is accused of a crime, their past record is often examined and sometimes highly scrutinized in the media.

People who are arrested for a drunk driving related accusation in the Orlando area might want to speak with an attorney. A criminal defense attorney can help people who might find themselves facing charges for serious crimes. It is important that people who are accused of wrongdoing are able to defend themselves. The prosecution will work to convict a person, and an accused person should have someone on their side. An attorney can ensure the person’s rights aren’t violated throughout the court process and appeal a conviction if necessary. They can also work to protect the person’s reputation in their community.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Driver charged with DUI manslaughter after causing 2 crashes, 1 fatal, troopers say,” Susan Jacobson and Tiffany Walden, Jan. 25, 2014