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Were you arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office? Please do not despair. Our Maitland DUI lawyers can help you through this difficult time. An arrest for DUI by the Maitland Police Department or the Orange County Sheriff’s Office can be a scary ordeal. Being handcuffed and taken to the Orange County Jail is definitely not a picnic.  The process of the mugshot, being brought in, and residing behind bars with undesirable characters is probably not what you had in mind when you got behind the wheel. Our defense attorneys could help.

What To Do After You Have Been Charged With a DUI in Maitland, FL

Officers pursuing individuals for DUI in Maitland are aggressive in administering tests during a potential DUI stop. Actions can be taken to either perform them or not, and even in some situation where you do a field sobriety test and believe you do well, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the officer to take you into the station or not. And once you’re in the police station for DUI, you are going to be charged. It is a scary reality for those that could have been completely sober by the time of arrest.

A DUI can be very challenging for your career, home life, education, and family. From driver’s license suspension, to community service, classes, and the impoundment of your car, a DUI arrest in Maitland can lead to a difficult time.  Arrange for an aggressive defense to put up a fight to get your license back and get your life back on track might be the number one priority you’ll have in your lifetime.

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Allow our experienced DUI lawyers who handle many Maitland DUI charges to give you a free consultation. We can discuss a legal strategy to help guide you through the process and seek the best possible outcome depending upon the facts and circumstances of your individual case.

We can show you how to get a permit to drive and walk you through the process of regaining your privilege to drive. We will explain the court system to you and go over all of your legal rights.

You are constitutionally entitled to a lawyer. Call us or email us now.

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