Joining the NRA to Overturn Teen Gun Restrictions

A person may join the armed services as young as seventeen with parental consent. In that service, the person will be trained in the use of automatic weapons and may well wield them in the defense of this nation. However, a 1968 federal gun ban on adults ages 18 to 20 prevents the same individual from purchasing a handgun from an authorized dealer.

The law was designed to target the demographics at highest risk to take a human life through the use of a handgun: 18 year olds and 19 year olds respectively. It should be noted that the gun restriction isn’t a ban on the purchase or ownership of handguns by adults under age 21, it is simply a restriction on purchasing the weapon from an authorized dealer. They can receive the gun as a gift or purchase it from a private party.

Regardless, the National Rifleman’s Association (NRA) has teamed up with twenty two states to challenge the 45-year long gun restriction with Florida being the latest state to join the NRA’s legal challenge. Florida’s perky blond haired and blue eyed attorney general Pam Bondi announced that her state would be joining the NRA’s court challenge to the law.

UCLA Law Professor & Second Amendment expert Adam Winkler noted that the NRA’s legal challenge makes the compelling argument about young adults being able to lay down their lives to protect this country, but not being able to protect their own lives by purchasing a handgun at a legitimate gun dealership.

Needless to say, gun-control advocates are incensed by the move and are quick to pounce on Attorney General Bondi’s other notable court challenges that failed to produce results such drug testing welfare recipients, overturning Obamacare, and preventing physicians and psychiatrists from asking patients about their gun ownership. Bondi is a public official and her record in office is fair game for criticism, but the fact is she is joining 21 other states and the NRA for this challenge. Regardless of the failures of her own legal team, the collective group will be able to mount a much stronger challenge than that which Bondi could have done on her own.