Florida man crashes with police car, arrested for DUI

Federal and state governments prohibit drunk driving in all 50 states in order to save lives. It is a way to prevent a driver from causing an alcohol-related accident and injuring or killing others. Preventing drunk driving may also save someone from a DUI arrest. Unfortunately, a Florida man learned these lessons the hard way after he crashed his car into a police cruiser.

An 83-year-old man living in Palm Coast, north of Orlando, Florida, was arrested on drunk driving charges and leaving the scene of a crash. Reportedly, the man was driving the wrong way on State Road 100 when his vehicle collided with a deputy’s vehicle. The accident injured the officer and damaged his vehicle. Police who later located the suspect after he allegedly fled the crash scene claimed that they smelled an odor of alcohol from his vehicle and noticed that the man was slow to respond to their questions.

A Florida resident should never underestimate the potential penalties of drunk driving. A driving under the influence charge may lead to excessive fines and jail time. The charges may increase in severity if another person was injured or died in the incident. If that is the case, the alleged drunk driver can also experience public stigma, higher insurance premiums, probation and license suspension.

The consequences of drunk driving charges can greatly impact a Florida resident’s life. Considering that driving is a necessity for most residents, the accused may not be able to carry out normal activities including driving to the grocery store or driving the kids to school. However, if the suspect decides to challenge the DUI charges with a criminal defense, a legal team who is familiar with drunk driving defenses may be able to negotiate with the prosecution and lessen or reduce the penalties.

Source: Flaglerlive.com, “Accused Drunkard Driving Wrong Way on S.R.100 Strikes Cruiser, Injures Deputy, and Flees,” June 9, 2014