Favorable Result for Firefighter Facing Multiple Charges

Some cases require an extremely close look at actual facts in order to show the jury the whole story. In the case of Dean Erlandson, the Seminole Co. Firefighter that was accused of several severe charges by an ex-girlfriend, unveiling the whole story was absolutely crucial.

Umansky Attorney Chris Kaigle exposed the discrepancies in the victim’s testimony, resulting in an acquittal of the case on March 1, 2013. The courtroom was packed every day of the trial as they watched the legal experience of these two co-attorneys uncover the false accusations from the victim towards their client, and see the verdict of not guilty late Friday afternoon. This success allows Dean Erlandson a second chance to turn his life around.

Firefighter Erlandson was charged with 1) aggravated assault with a firearm 2) aggravated assault with a knife 3) false imprisonment and 4) domestic violence battery. If he had been found guilty of all four charges, he would have been sentenced to prison for 25 years, but thanks to his two attorneys and a jury of his peers, justice was served and he is free.

The attorneys at Umansky Law Firm are criminal defense lawyers who are experienced in trial law, including any offense that requires a criminal trial. As in this case, Umansky attorneys make it a point to spend time with their clients, so they are able to develop expert strategies that disclose the truth.

Firefighter Erlandson chose Kaigle to represent him, and he worked diligently to find the inconsistencies in the prosecutor’s report and the victim’s explanation of the events. Law enforcement reported on December 9, 2012, the day the incident allegedly occurred that the charges came from an ex-girlfriend who said that Mr. Erlandson had held a knife at her and a loaded gun, and then he threatened to kill her. As the attorneys worked out the details of the incident, they found that they just didn’t make sense, and the attorneys exposed this in the trial.